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Rainbow Six Siege: Operators

Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege’s operators.

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Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter where ten players are placed in the same server to compete in teams of five. Although it feels easy to understand, Siege isn’t your regular shooting videogame. With over 20 maps and over 60 characters in the game, players must spend a lot of time to adapt to Siege’s needs.

Rainbow Six Siege’s characters are known as Operators. Operation Dread Factor’s arrival on May 30 means the game’s operator list will be extended to 67 operators. In other words, players must memorise the basics of each character to have higher odds to succeed in their Siege matches.

Since the game’s full release in Dec. 2015, Rainbow Six Siege’s operators have been divided into two categories: attackers and defenders.

As we previously mentioned, the game has 69 operators – 34 attackers and, with Tubarão arriving at Rainbow Six Siege, 35 defenders. Here’s a brief look at all of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege - Operators


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Ash- Ash’s special gadget is called M120 CREM, a device that has two breaching rounds. Ash is a three-speed, one-health operator with a very strong and aggressive loadout, which makes her the perfect entry fragging operator.

Thermite- Thermite is a hard breacher, which means he can destroy reinforced walls and hatches. He’s mainly used as a support. His gadget is the Exothermic Charge.

Sledge- Sledge is a one-speed, three-health operator. He’s one of the most famous operators in Rainbow Six Siege. He can be equipped with the Tactical Breaching Hammer, one of the game’s most famous gadgets.

Thatcher- Thatcher is a support. He has access to the EMPs, a small device that can disable every defender gadget for 10 seconds. He’s very strong, especially when combined with Thermite, Hibana, and Ace!

Twitch - Twitch’s Shock Drones can destroy any non-bulletproof gadget in Rainbow Six Siege. She has access to two Shock Drones and a standard drone, which makes her an operator that can gather a lot of information.

Montagne - Montagne’s Le Roc Shield makes him the fiercest operator in the game as he’s very difficult to be stopped. However, he’s not inmune to explosives, so you better watch out!

Blitz - Blitz is another shield operator. His Flash Shield can blind his opponents, exposing them to a painful death.

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IQ - IQ’s gadget is the Electronics Detector. She can spot any device around with it, which makes her a very useful operator when attacking a site with a lot of gadgets in it, such as Echo drones or Valkyrie cameras.

Glaz - Glaz’s Flip Sight allows him to see through smoke clouds, which gives him a clear advantage in planting and post-planting situations. He’s very good if you really want to use smoke grenades!

Fuze - Fuze’s Cluster Charge is one of the deadliest devices in the game. However, Fuze’s place in the meta isn’t great. He’s too situational and too slow.

Buck - Buck’s gadget is the Skeleton Key, a device that comes attached to his primary weapon. He can swap his primary gun for his gadget very quickly. The Skeleton Key is a shotgun, so Buck basically brings three guns to the battlefield! He’s extremely good when playing vertical Siege.

Blackbeard - Blackbeard’s Rifle Shield is a shield that can be attached to his primary weapon. It covers his head, which means he can survive to a headshot. Blackbeard currently has two Rifle Shields.

Capitão - Capitão has the Tactical Crossbow, a device that includes two smoke and two fire arrows. He’s excellent when it comes to planting the defuser.

Hibana - Hibana was the second hard breacher released to Rainbow Six Siege. Her X-KAIROS can destroy reinforced walls and hatches. She’s more versatile than Thermite.

Jackal - Jackal is the perfect option for getting rid of the roamers. His Eyenox Model III allows him to track defenders using their footprints left around the map! His loadout is pretty insane as well!

Ying - Ying’s gadgets are the Candelas, a special flashing grenade that releases multiple flashing lights around the room. She’s perfect for rushes.

Zofia - Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline includes two impact grenades and two stunning grenades. Her loadout is one of the best in the game, despite her LMG being nerfed with Operation Brutal Swarm.

Dokkaebi - Dokkaebi’s special gadget is the Logic Bomb, a device that can call the defenders twice during the round, allowing the attackers to hear the defenders if they are close enough.

Finka - Finka’s Adrenal Surge boost revives operators that are in a DBNO state. It also gives the operators a better control of their recoil.

Lion - Although Lion is far away from the reign of terror he stablished in Siege in Operation Chimera, he’s still very strong. His EE-ONE-D reveals the position of every moving defender in the map.

Maverick - Maverick’s torch can create holes on reinforced walls and surfaces. He cannot be stopped by electrical devices such as Bandit’s batteries or Kaid’s electroclaws.

Nomad - Nomad is the perfect operator to stop defenders from jumping or running out. Her Airjab Launcher will keep down the enemy’s aggressivity during the round. She has a great loadout as well!

Gridlock - Gridlock is far away from being a regular operator in today’s meta due to her low speed and her loadout. However, her Trax Stingers are perfect to stop defenders from roaming freely. She’s very strong on Kafe!

Nøkk - Nøkk is the perfect operator if you like being sneaky but also love getting yourself some action. Her HEL Presence Reduction makes her invisible to cameras when activating the gadget. She also has two fragmentation grenades, which always come in handy!

Amaru - If you love rushes, Amaru is your operator. Her Garra Hook allows her to climb up hatches and windows very quickly. Her loadout is very versatile as well.

Kali - Kali’s gadget is the LV Explosive Lance, a device that sticks to surfaces and destroys every defender gadget close to it when it explodes. It’s the perfect operator when combined with hard breachers. She was released to become an alternative to Thatcher, but her scope has made it difficult for her to adapt to today’s meta.

Iana - Iana is one of the strongest operators in the game. She can produce holograms of herself to bait defenders. They are mainly used to gather information. She has access to two impact grenades and a very strong loadout. You are going to enjoy this one!

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Ace - Ace is Siege’s fourth hard breacher. His gadget is the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, a device that can destroy any reinforced surface on the map.

Zero - Sam Fisher’s Argus Launcher deploys cameras that can be used to destroy defensive gadgets. He’s basically a mix of Twitch and Valkyrie.

Flores - Flores RCE-Ratero Charge is an explosive drone. It can be used to destroy defender devices including bulletproof gadgets and more. He’s a very good support and intel gatherer.

Osa - Osa’s TALON-8 Clear Shield is perfect when you attack a site that can be attacked from outside the building, like Chalet’s Garage or Clubhouse’s CCTV room. If you know how to get the best out of her, she’s unstoppable!

Sens - Sens’ is a three-speed, one-health operator. Them R.O.U. Projector System gives Sens extra coverage. It can be combined with Glaz’s special scope!

Grim - Grim was released with Operation Brutal Swarm. He’s a three-speed, one-health operator. His Kawan Hive Launcher releases bees that can track defenders.

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Brava - Brava’s Klude Drone allows her to hack defender gadgets, which automatically makes them attacker devices. She can hack everything, from Echo drones to Maestro cameras and Kapkan traps. She’s very versatile!

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Ram - Ram's BU-GI Auto Breacher allows her to destroy any kind of defensive gadget, including Deployable Shields, Castle Barricades, and more! On top of that, her BU-GI Auto Breacher destroys the surface under it, which makes her an excelent option to create vertical plays.


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Pulse - Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor makes him a great option if you like playing vertical Siege. If you combine his device with his C4, you can get a few kills and even stop the attackers from planting.

Castle - Castle is an architect. He can destroy new angles of sight and rotations with his secondary shotgun, while placing his strong Armor Panels in key windows and doors. He can change the looks of any site in the game!

Smoke - Smoke’s canisters cover an area with toxic gas for ten seconds. Players often use them in the last 30 seconds of the round to stop the attackers from pushing the site.

Mute - Mute’s shotgun is great to create rotations and new angles of sight. Meanwhile, his device is used to jam attacking drones, which helps at stopping the attackers from getting information.

Doc - Doc’s Stim Pistol gives an HP boost, which always comes in handy. He also has access to the Bailiff 410 which is ideal to create rotations and new angles.

Rook - Rook’s Armor Pack is very helpful, as it gives the defenders the chance of withstanding everytime they fall to a DBNO state.

Jäger - Jäger is one of the most important defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. He has a strong loadout and one of the best gadgets, the ADS. You will see him everywhere you go!

Bandit - Bandit’s electrical batteries can be combined with reinforced walls or barbed wire to stop the attackers from opening walls or droning.

Kapkan - Kapkan is one of the most used operators in the game. His Entry Denial Device is a trap that can be placed on windows and doors that will explode when an attacker walks through it. We highly advice you to get Kapkan if you’re new to Siege!

Tachanka - Tachanka has changed throughout the years. Now, he has access to the Shumikha Launcher, a device that releases fire and prevents the attackers from pushing the site. He’s a combination of Smoke and Goyo.

Frost - Frost is a trap operator who can deploy a bear trap on the floor. Her trap is called the Welcome Mat. Her loadout is versatile and can give a hard time to any attacker.

Valkyrie - Valkyrie’s Black Eye is one of the best gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a camera that can be deployed everywhere in the map, except for the outside of the building. She has three cameras.

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Caveira - Caveira is a very special roamer. Her Silent Step makes her completely silent, which helps her to approach attackers from their backs without them noticing. When an attacker is in a DBNO state, she can interrogate them, which automatically reveals the exact position of the remaining attackers.

Echo - Echo’s gadget is called the Yokai Drone. He has two of these, which can be used to gather information or to stun the attackers.

Mira - Mira’s Black Mirror is one of the best gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege. She can deploy two Black Mirrors, which allow her and her teammates to see what’s behind the mirror, but the attackers can’t.

Lesion - Lesion’s Gu Mines slow down the enemy and can also be damaging. While he can be played as a roamer, Lesion is better as a flex, covering the site with Gu Mines to slow down the attackers’ pushes.

Ela - Ela’s Grzmot mines explode and stun the attackers when these get too close. She’s Zofia’s sister, so you will get a 10 points bonification if you kill her while using Ela.

Vigil - When Vigil’s ORC-7 is activated, the attacking drones can’t spot the South Korean operator. He’s a roamer and has a very strong loadout.

Alibi - Alibi’s Prismas release an exact copy of Alibi. When attackers shoot it, they get pinged. Her loadout is one of the best in the game, as her primary weapon is one of the strongest on defense. She also has access to the Bailiff 410 to create rotations and new angles. You must be very careful if you play against her!

Maestro - Maestro’s Evil Eye is a bulletproof camera that can shoot tasers. He can kill operators with it! However, it’s mainly used for destroying attacking gadgets. He’s a one-speed operator, but he has an LMG. He’s very good and insanely underrated!

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Clash - Clash is the only defender in Rainbow Six Siege that can be equipped with a shield. Her CCE Shield can electrify the attackers, who will be slowed down and take damage from it. You will rarely see her being played.

Kaid - Kaid is the alternative to Bandit. He can also electrify walls and hatches, and is a nightmare for the attackers. His electroclaws can be hidden in spots to make it even more difficult for the enemies.

Mozzie - Mozzie’s Pest Launcher releases small robotic spiders that can hack attacking drones. You can combine them with his C4 to get some sweet kills!

Warden - Warden’s Glance Smart Glasses allow him to see through smoke clouds. He’s basically Glaz, but on defense. He can be used to stop plants and pushes.

Goyo - Goyo’s Vulcan Canisters are deployed on surfaces and can be triggered by shooting at them. These release a fire that covers an area for 20 seconds. He’s very good if you like playing as an anchor and flex. You must give him a try!

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Wamai - Wamai is an alternative to Jäger. His MAG-NET System can intercept any attacking throwable device, including grenades, devices, or even Kali’s gadget!

Oryx - Due to his loadout, Oryx is one of the best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. He’s a very aggressive operator. He can create rotations very easily with his Remah Dash.

Melusi - Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense slows down the opponents with these get too close to the gadget. She’s a one-speed, three-health operator, so she can’t roam freely. However, her loadout is one of the best in the game, so some players do it anyways!

Aruni - Aruni is a one-speed, three-health operator whose loadout make her a good flex and anchor. Her robotic arm can open barricades with only one hit. She can also use it to open rotations and new angles of sight. Her gadget, the Surtya Gate, is ideal to stop attackers from entering the site. She’s one of the best in the game!

Thunderbird - Her Kona Stations are gadgets that can restore the operators’ health. Thunderbird is like a Doc, but you don’t need to get close to her to get your health restored.

Thorn - Thorn’s traps are called Razorbloom Shells. These explode and free spikes that can kill the attacker. She usually places her next to windows and doors. She’s a very good roamer and has access to a Deployable Shield.

Azami - Azami is another of Siege’s two big architects, alongside Castle. Her Kiba Barriers can stop the attackers from playing vertically and can even prevent the enemies from entering the site freely. It can give extra cover and is awesome in some strategies!

Solis - Solis’ SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor is the attackers’ drones nightmare. When she activates her gadget, she can spot the attacking gadgets that are near her. This includes abilities and phones when the attackers are using them to check cameras or when using their drones. Her loadout is very good as well. She’s extremely good!

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Fenrir - Fenrir is one of Rainbow Six Siege's best defenders. He will be released to the game with Operation Dread Factor. His F-NATT Dread Mine releases a purple gas that limits the vision field of the attacker.

Tubarão - Tubarão is here to stay. The Portuguese operator has been a must-pick since his arrival in the game. His Zoto Canisters allow him to freeze any gadget (including ally devices) which makes him the perfect teammate for Bandit and Kaid. If you're a hard breacher, Tubarão is your worst nightmare.

Best operators in Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, players must understand what they need in order to attack or defend a specific site. However, there’s a handful of operators that can be used in the big majority of sites.

Keep in mind that creating a balanced squad is very important to succeed in Rainbow Six Siege. If the five members of the team use entry fraggers, they will likely lose the round. The same can be said of a team that defends the site with five roamers.

If you want to win in Rainbow Six Siege, you must read between the lines. What does the team need? What can you bring to upset the attackers’ strategies?

To do that, learning about what operators lead today’s meta is important. Here’s a few operators that will make you better at Rainbow Six Siege.

Best attackers in Rainbow Six Siege


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Iana is Rainbow Six Siege’s best operator in attack. Her fragmentation grenades are very useful to destroy bulletproof gadgets, including Deployable Shields and operator gadgets such as Maestro Cameras.

Fragmentation grenades can also be used to get vertical kills, as the explosion from a well-timed fragmentation grenade can kill an opponent that’s on the floor above. Iana is an expert doing that!

Iana’s loadout is extremely aggressive and has two amazing primary options that make her an incredible entry fragger – the ARX2000 and the G36C.

If that wasn’t enough, her holograms can be used to gather information. She can also use her holograms to bait defenders. She’s simply amazing.


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Although Iana is Rainbow Six Siege’s most feared operator, Thatcher is possibly the backbone of every team in the game. Without him, the hard breachers will have a tough time.

His EMP is one of the most iconic gadget in the game. With it, Thatcher can disable any defender gadget for 10 seconds. His gadget is so strong that his banning rate has been above the clouds for the last handful of seasons, both competitively and casually.

Now, with the existence of the EMPs as a secondary gadget, Thatcher’s ban rate isn’t as high as it used to be. However, he must be included in the list of the best attackers in the game.


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Finally, Thatcher’s partner in crime, Thermite, must be mentioned as well. His device can break through any reinforced surface in the game, creating a huge hole that allows the attackers to enter the building.

Thermite’s hard breaching device can also scape from gadgets like Kaid’s electroclaws or Bandit’s batteries, as the explosion radius can destroy reinforced walls if the gadget is deployed in a soft surface close to the reinforced wall.

He was the first hard breacher in the game so he was a must in the early days of Rainbow Six Siege. Now, players have other options including Ace, Hibana, and Maverick, but he’s still unmatched. He’s the best in the majority of cases, with Hibana getting close when attacking sites with hatches.

Best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege


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Jäger’s loadout makes him a roamer. His Carbine is one of the best guns in the defensive side, despite recent nerfs. He’s a two-speed, two-health operator.

However, his ADSs are what make Jäger a strong operator. His gadget can intercept any throwable device, except for Hibana’s XKAIROS. His ADSs are often combined with Deployable Shield or other defending utility to keep it alive as much as possible. In the process, the attackers lose a lot of time and utility!


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Mira’s Vector is a great gun perfect for an anchor, as it comes handy for close-range gun fights. She also has access to a C4, which is one of the best pieces of utility in Rainbow Six Siege.

Although Mira’s Black Mirror has been nerfed recently, this gadget can only be completely destroyed with projectiles or hard breaching utility. Recently, Ubisoft introduced a chance and now players can break the glass by meleeing the gadget.

Nevertheless, Mira’s position in the meta is still very strong. She puts the defenders in a very strong position, and his addition to Rainbow Six Siege completely changed the meta.


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Last but not least, Valkyrie is one of the best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. Her Black Eye is an incredible gadget as it’s small and can easily be hidden around the map. She has three Black Eyes that can give the team a lot of information!

Usually, players don’t struggle with Valkyrie’s gun, as the MPX is very easy to control. However, it doesn’t deliver a lot of damage, and players often must go for the headshot to win gun fights.

Valkyrie can be equipped with a C4, which she combines with her cameras to get easy kills from a safe distance.

When will a new operator be released to Rainbow Six Siege?

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Ram is Rainbow Six Siege's new operator and it will be released to the game with the arrival of Operation Heavy Mettle.

Ram's gadget is the BU-GI Auto Breacher, the biggest gadget in Rainbow Six Siege. This drone has the ability to destroy every defensive gadget in the game, including Castle barricades, Deployable Shields, and more. Moreover, it destroys soft floors, which makes it a great alternative to Sledge and Buck.

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Ram's loadout is one of the best in Rainbow Six Siege. She has been given Ash's R4C and Zofia's LMG-E. If that wasn't enough, she can also bring a shotgun as a secondary weapon.

Her hard breaching charge allows her to destroy reinforced hatches and walls. We think Ram could become one of the best operators in the game, right next to Iana.

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