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Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Valkyrie.

Have you ever been spotted despite all the cameras being shot out while playing as an attacker in Rainbow Six Siege? There are multiple possible answers to that question, but the most probable one begins with V.

Valkyrie is a defender who first arrived in Rainbow Six Siege on May 10, 2016, with the launch of Operation Dust Line. She arrived in the game alongside Blackbeard.

Valkyrie's special gadget is the Black Eyes, which are tiny cameras that can be deployed to any surface. So if you get the sense you're being watched, Valkyrie could well be the reason.

What is Valkyrie's biography?

Valkyrie's real name is Meghan J. Castellano and she was born in Oceanside, California. According to Ubisoft's biography, "her father was a respected Colonel in the Marine Corps, her mother a researcher at a nearby biotech company."

Meghan was very good at science and maths, and she was considered an "athletic prodigy." Her goal was to become an Olympic swimmer, but a terrible car accident woke her up from her dream when she was 16. After breaking her arm, she had to put her swimming goals to an end.

After that, she enlisted in the Navy while studying at university. According to Ubisoft's biography, "after graduating with a degree in Computer Science, specializing in Security and Cryptography, she transferred to the Information Dominance Corps."

Later on, she applied to join SEAL, when the "position was opened to women." She acted as an "encouragement" for others to follow.

What is the best Valkyrie loadout?

Primary: MPX Submachine Gun / SPAS-12 Shotgun

Secondary: D-50 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Impact Grenade / x1 C4

Valkyrie's loadout is usually underrated due to the MPX, a very easy gun to use that, unfortunately, comes with a very low damage potential, as each bullet delivers a maximum damage of 26 health points. Despite the numbers, the majority of players go for the MPX over the SPAS-12. You must be good at headshots to main Valkyrie!

Valkyrie's secondary gun is the D-50, a strong handgun with heavy recoil. That said, it's a very useful gun to create holes and new angles of sight. 

Meanwhile, Valkyrie has access to two different kinds of explosives: impacts and C4. Although most players tend to pick the C4, some site buildings require her impact grenades.

What is Valkyrie's playstyle?

Valkyrie is mostly used as a roamer and flanker. Her special cameras can help with that, although hiding them wisely is key.

You can also use Valkyrie as a flex or even as an anchor, as her impact grenades can be used to impact trick attacking devices. Overall, Valkyrie is a versatile operator, so take advantage of that!

Valkyrie beginner's guide

Valkyrie's gadget is the Black Eye, a small camera that can be deployed on any surface in the game. Valkyrie has three Black Eyes. Ideally, you'll place the cameras in hidden spots, usually on corners, under tables, or other surfaces, so it's harder for attackers to spot them.

Valkyrie's cameras give valuable information to the defenders and can be combined with C4s and yellow pings. Some players "pre-place" C4s and combine them with their cameras to detonate the explosive just when the attacker steps on the device.

Meanwhile, yellow pings are a way to give precise visual information to your teammates. Using the yellow instead of the red ping has some advantages, as the attackers won't know they've been spotted. So, stop using the red ping, unless you want the attackers to look closely for your hidden cameras!

How do I counter Valkyrie?

Valkyrie's cameras are powerful, but do they have a counter? The answer is simple: Valkyrie has many counters in Rainbow Six Siege.

IQ is Valkyrie's main counter. Her Electronics Detector can immediately spot any device within a 20-meter range. 

Twitch's special drones can destroy Valkyrie's cameras by shooting a taser at them.

Thatcher's EMPs will disable any camera if it's inside the range of the EMP.

Dokkaebi's special gadget can hack Valkyrie's cameras and block them from dead players while her special call is ringing.

Keep in mind that Valkyrie's cameras aren't bulletproof, so attackers can get rid of the Black Eyes by simply shooting them. Explosives also destroy the cameras.

What are the best Valkyrie skins?

Here are some skins for Valkyrie in Rainbow Six Siege.

War Photographer '72

Valkyrie's Elite Bundle is called War Photographer '72 and is one of the most popular Elite Bundles in the game. It can only be purchased with R6 Credits.

Valkyrie Deliverer Bundle

This is one of the most underrated bundles in Rainbow Six Siege due to the poor knowledge the community has about this set of cosmetics. It's one of the bundles included in the game as part of Rainbow Six Siege's partnership with Ikumi Nakamura.

Valkyrie Empyrean Bundle

Brace yourselves! With the release of the Rengoku time-limited game mode, Rainbow Six Siege released a new bundle for Valkyrie. It includes a gun skin for the MPX, a legendary piece of headgear, and more. You don't want to miss this out!

Team oNe 22

Last but not least, we've Team oNe's skin for the MPX. It can be purchased for 700 R6 Credits, alongside an operator card background themed by the Brazilian organization now known as LOS oNe.

And that's it for our Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie guide! While you're here, be sure to check out our other guides for Fuze, Kapkan, and Rook.

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