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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Twitch

Twitch is a Rainbow Six Siege operator who plays as an attacker.

Twitch is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker introduced with the launch of the game, hence why she is one of the most popular operators in the game.

Twitch's unique ability is the Shock Drone, a unique drone that can be used to destroy gadgets -- both offensive and defensive. As she can gather information, her drones make her a hugely important support operator.

Keep on reading to know more about Twitch, one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Twitch's biography

Twitch's real name is Emmanuelle Pichon and she was born in Nancy, France.

From an early age, Pichon was encouraged to "excel in Math, Science, and Technology." She joined the army cadets at 16. According to Ubisoft's biography, "almost immediately her talent was recognized, particularly in robotics."

After demonstrating her abilities, her superiors convinced Picheon to study engineering while continuing her career with the military. Her "technological achievements" and "tactical prowess and ability to problem solve quickly and efficiently" opened the doors to joining Team Rainbow.

Twitch's loadout

Primary: F2 Assault Rifle / 417 Marksman Rifle / SG-CQB Shotgun

Secondary: P9 Handgun / LFP586 Handgun

Gadgets: 2 x Smoke Grenades / 2 x Claymores

Twitch's loadout is versatile. Players tend to choose the F2 Assault Rifle as Twitch's primary weapon and combine it with the P9 Handgun. It's a very aggressive loadout that makes her a very strong operator at gunfights. But make no mistakes, the 417 DMR is also extremely powerful, with multiple pro players actually preferring it to the F2.

What's more, her gadgets, the smoke grenades or the claymores, are perfect for a flank watcher or even a planter, which makes Twitch an off-road operator.

Twitch's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Twitch's role depends on the level of play and the intentions of the player. As we mentioned before, her loadout is very strong at gunfights, as the F2's fire rate and the 417 DMR's damage per shot makes this weapon deadly. With that in mind, Twitch is one of the best entry fraggers in the game.

However, her gadgets and her unique ability, the Shock Drone, make her a valuable operator at intel-gathering and gadget-cleaning functions. Her Shock Drone can destroy gadgets from a safe distance and can be any hard breacher's best ally.

If you play Twitch, you must adapt to the needs of the round. It's then when you will excel with the French operator.

How to use Twitch's drone in Rainbow Six Siege?

Twitch's unique gadget is the Shock Drone, a special drone with the ability to shoot an electrified taser that can destroy various gadgets.

Here's a list of the gadgets the Shock Drone can destroy:

  • Bandit's batteries.
  • Kaid's Electroclaws.
  • Mute's Jammers.
  • Mozzie's electronic spiders.
  • Jäger's ADSs.
  • Wamai's disks.
  • Lesion traps.
  • Kapkan traps.
  • Ela mines.
  • Thorn traps.
  • Thunderbird's healing stations.
  • Mira's windows.
  • Valkyrie's Black Eyes.
  • Smoke canisters.
  • Alibi Prismas.
  • Goyo canisters.
  • When activated, Melusi's traps.
  • Aruni's gates, by throwing the Twitch drone to the gate's electricity.
  • C4s.
  • Bulletproof cameras.

It can also disable some defensive gadgets, such as Pulse's Cardiac Sensor or Vigil's ability to go unseen on drones.

Considering the number of gadgets she can destroy from a safe distance, her Shocking Drones are very valuable. However, these haven't got unlimited tasers. Shocking Drones start with three tasers, and once you have wasted all of them, you will have to wait a few seconds to have more.

You must use the Shocking Drones patiently. You must wait for the right time to use it and, when the defenders don't expect it, shoot the taser. Use drone holes to navigate through the map as you please, and don't forget to hide them once you are done with them: every piece of information is priceless in Rainbow Six Siege!

Does Twitch have a counter?

Yes, Twitch has multiple counters in Rainbow Six Siege.

Mute is the most obvious one, as his Signal Disruptors make it impossible for Twitch to move around freely. 

Mozzie is another counter for Twitch. His electronic spiders can hack any attacking drone on Rainbow Six Siege, and Twitch's aren't an exception.

Electrified barbed wire is also a counter to her drones, as the electricity will destroy her gadget. Be careful!

Best Twitch skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Twitch in Rainbow Six Siege.


Maquis is Twitch's Elite Bundle, and it currently costs 1,800 R6 Credits. It includes 11 cosmetics, as all of her five guns have exclusive skins.

Twitch Digital Bundle

Twitch got this bundle after the partnership between Rainbow Six Siege and Ikumi Nakamura. You can only get it with R6 Credits.


For 700 R6 Credits, you can obtain REJECT's R6 Share skin. It comes with an operator card background themed around the Japanese organization. 

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