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Current shows

SiegeGG Live

SiegeGG Live

Every week during the regular Pro League season, our hosts Shikhar Gupta and Hunter Cooke discuss and analyze the latest R6 Esports highlights & news.

The show will switch to a special format during Majors and SI, though, with episodes before, during, and after the event.

Watch SiegeGG Live on Twitch

SiegeGG Debrief

Catch the top highlights in competitive Rainbow Six Siege every week. Join Jacki Jing, renowned host and producer, as she guides you through each region's stories.

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Past shows (no longer running)

The Pre Show and The Post Show

Join host Mike "Shevla" Wilson along with analysts and special guests as they delve into the matchups of the day. The Pre Show is scheduled before, and The Post Show, after. From analysis and stats to betting and predictions—The Pre and Post Show are must-watch companions to Rainbow Six esports.

Find past airings of the Pre/Post Show on the SiegeGGTV Twitch channel.