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The Pre Show and The Post Show

Join host Mike "Shevla" Wilson along with analysts and special guests as they delve into the matchups of the day. The Pre Show is scheduled before, and The Post Show, after. From analysis and stats to betting and predictions—The Pre and Post Show are must-watch companions to Rainbow Six esports.

Tune in to the SiegeGGTV Twitch channel before and after play days to join the discussion.


In this podcast, Devin "Mzo" Becker the longest standing Pro League caster and Louis "Helbee" Bureau former Pro League player, take you into the action for the past week of competitive Siege. From new updates, operators and features coming into the game to all of the action in Challenger League, local tournaments like BR6 and Pro League.

When they're live, join at:, catch it later on our Youtube channel, or download the podcast on iTunes, or Google Play.