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Los Grandes buys Team oNe eSports to create new organization worth $25 million

It is unclear if it will continue as Team oNe in Rainbow Six Siege, or use the "Los + oNe" name.

Image: Los Grandes

Team oNe eSports has been bought by Los Grandes, one of the largest esports organizations in Latin America.

While the acquisition was for an undisclosed amount, Forbes Brazil reported that Los Grandes is now worth $25m.

According to the Forbes article, the two organizations are not set to be merged together in totality, with both "maintaining all their respective infrastructures". Nevertheless, oNe's CS:GO team will be attempting to qualify for the IEM: Rio 2022 tournament next week under the name "Los + oNe". It is unclear if the same name change will be coming to their Rainbow Six team also.

The new owners, Los Grandes, have been expanding quickly and currently have teams in Free Fire, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends.

The Free Fire roster recently finished the main Brazilian league in fourth place, while the Valorant team was three games away from qualifying for the Copenhagen Major back in July.

The organization also runs the esports division of the Flamengo football (soccer) club, which fields a roster in the League of Legends CBLOL franchised tournament.

Now, with Team oNe joining the company, they've gained a particularly strong presence in both Rainbow Six and Counter-Strike. These were two of the biggest games in Brazil where Los Grandes were lacking success in.

With this acquisition, the ex-CEO of oNe stated: "This merger comes at a very important moment in the world esports scene, with it we will be able to be where we always fight, we will stand out as one of the biggest esports teams in the world".

Meanwhile an advisor to Los Grande stated: "The acquisition will help us to work on our international positioning, as we want to become a reference both in sports and as an organization outside Brazil". As part of the buyout, Los Grandes now notably owns Team oNe's North American training facilities.

Considering their lofty ambitions, this may mean further investment into Team oNe's R6 team in the future as they hope to win another Major title. Over the last few years, oNe has positioned itself as somewhat of a feeder team of upcoming players to bigger organizations, with players moving onwards to MIBR, w7m, NiP, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, 00 Nation, Santos e-Sports, and Black Dragons. This now may be about to change.

For now, Team oNe's next R6 matches this weekend will be against MIBR and Liquid, as they hope to reach the November Major.

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