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Zofia and Ela get new Ikumi Nakamura Witch Sisters bundles

More Zofia and Ela propaganda, as they both get a new bundle.

Rainbow Six Siege is back with new bundles — and this time, these are fire. 

Earlier today, the Bozak sisters got their own short movie giving us a deeper inside into the sisters' relationship. Now, Rainbow Six Siege has announced new bundles for Ela and Zofia, and they don't disappoint. 

What are the new bundles in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege announced the skins with a 35-seconds video on Twitter. In it, we can see the Bozak sisters wearing their new bundles.  These bundles are called "Witch Sisters," with Ela's being named "Gloom Hound" and Zofia's "Light Hound."

Honestly, these new skins look incredible. The headgears are completely different from the ones we are used to seeing in Rainbow Six Siege. We could say that Siege is being "Extractionazed" and that's a change a big part of the community wants to see. More bright, bulky, exotic cosmetics, less standard stuff, please. 

These new bundles are part of Rainbow Six Siege's collaboration with Ikumi Nakamura, who has produced skins for Siege in the past. 

When can I get Witch Sisters skin bundle in R6 Siege?

Sadly, not yet. The skins will be released on Feb. 21, so you will have to wait if you were already thinking of getting your hands on the bundles!

What are other Ikumi Nakamura Rainbow Six Siege skins?

As we previously mentioned, this is not the first Ikumi Nakamura bundle. These are some of the bundles she has released in Siege:

Dokkaebi Spirit Bundle

Dokkaebi's Spirit Bundle is beautiful. Looks clean, and the baby blue looks awesome in the weapon. It is surely one of Dokkaebi's best bundles out there!

Echo Whisper Bundle

Quite scary, honestly. This version of Echo might haunt you if you don't do well with it on the battlefield. Jokes aside, this skin looks terrific — in a good way. Again, probably one of the best bundles he has.

Stoplight Bundle

Red light, green light. Well, in Ikumi's world, Mute is the red light. Thatcher is the green light, while Smoke is the orange. You can obtain these bundles in the in-game store.

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