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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Thatcher

Thatcher is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker.

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Thatcher is an attacker who is part of the SAS. Thatcher was included in Rainbow Six Siege with the original release of the game.

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Thatcher has had a deep impact on the game, as his EMPs can momentarily disable any defensive gadget in the game. His importance to attacking lineups is so deep that professional teams often ban him and so his ban ratio is always the highest one in any competition. This is also seen in Ranked games, where Thatcher is banned most of the time.

Keep on reading to know more about Thatcher and his importance in the game.

Thatcher's biography

Thatcher's real name is Mike Baker and he was born in Bideford, England. He comes from a family of dockworkers and soldiers. Despite family pressure to join the family trade as a stevedore, Mike enlisted for active military duty. Eventually, he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross and Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.

Baker is an expert in "protective measures and electronic counter-measures", according to his Ubisoft biography. "With extensive field experience and proficiency in SAS tactics, Baker is a critical asset to any Rainbow operation."

Thatcher's loadout

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Primary: AR33 Assault Rifle / L85A2 Assault Rifle / M590A1 Shotgun

Secondary: P226 MK 25 Handgun

Gadgets: 3 x Breaching Charges / 2 x Claymores

Although Thatcher's loadout is versatile and easy to manage, his main function in the game isn't getting kills but supporting his teammates. That's why Thatcher's gadgets include Breaching Charges and Claymores.

Thatcher's AR33 is a good option to use as a primary weapon, but many players go for Sledge's L85A2. Meanwhile, Thatcher can only equip the P226 MK 25 as a secondary.

Thatcher's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Thatcher is a support in Rainbow Six Siege. He is usually found providing help to his teammates through droning tasks or flank-watching duties. His Claymores can help him make his job easier.

However, Thatcher's main responsibility is to partner with the hard breacher. Communication, mastering the operator's EMPs, and droning are skills that any player needs to play Thatcher properly.

How to use Thatcher's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Thatcher's gadget is the EMP grenade. The EMP is a gadget that disables any gadget in a range of five meters. Sounds powerful, right?

Well, it's strong indeed. The EMPs are the perfect gadget to use while attacking, as it counters almost every operator on defense. From bulletproof and non-bulletproof gadgets to Clash's special shield, Thatcher's EMPs can disable any electronic device.

EMPs are crucial when attacking a site that will has electrified walls. Chalet's basement site is a clear example, as Thatcher and the hard breacher (Ace, Thermite, or Hibana) must team up to clear Bandit's batteries, Mute's jammers, or Kaid's Electroclaw. Other maps with sites with walls that are usually electrified or muted by defenders include Clubhouse, Consulate, Kanal, or Theme Park.

Thatcher's gadget is also used to disable Jäger and Wamai's devices, and some players have even tried to disable C4s with them! Thatcher's potential is infinite, and that's why he's often banned during the match's ban phase.

How to counter Thatcher in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's difficult to counter Thatcher, however, there are some ways.

Bandit tricking is the best counter. Thatcher's EMPs are mainly used to disable electrical gadgets, so what the defenders usually do is wait for the hard breaching charge to be placed. When that happens, Bandit must quickly place the battery, which will automatically destroy the attackers' device.

Kaid can also be used for that same function, but his Electroclaw takes more time to be active on the wall. While it's hard to Kaid trick a wall or hatch, it's not impossible.

Meanwhile, operators like Jäger or Wamai can intercept Thatcher's EMPs, thus being clear counters for the attacker.

Best Thatcher skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some Thatcher skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Operation Nimrod

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Thatcher's Elite Bundle is called Operation Nimrod. This bundle revealed Thatcher's face to the players, hence why it was so well welcomed by the community. It is worth 1,800 R6 Credits and you can't buy it with Renown.

Thatcher Green Light Bundle

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Thatcher's Green Light Bundle was created by Ikumi Nakamura in partnership with Rainbow Six Siege. It can only be acquired with R6 Credits, as well.

Mirage 2021

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Mirage's first R6 Share skin was released in Year 6 and it was for Thatcher's AR33. You can purchase it for only 300 R6 Credits!

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