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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Kali

If Thatcher is banned, you can always count on Kali.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Kali is an operator from India who joined Rainbow Six Siege along with the launch of Operation Shifting Tides in December 2019. 

Kali is known for being an alternative to Thatcher. However, due to her loadout, not many people decide to bring her to the battlefield. Her situation in the meta got even more stagnated after the release of Impact EMPs.

However, she is extremely useful and we're going to explain why. 

Kali's biography

Kali's childhood wasn't especially difficult. Born to wealthy parents, she didn't have much trouble. However, the bubble she lived in popped once she tried to join her country's military. She realized that women were not allowed to fight in combat units.  According to Ubisoft's biography, "despite all of her money and social influence, she had found an obstacle between her and something she wanted."

Kali decided to create her own Private Security Company to operate "within India's borders", which was followed by a Private Military Company to operate "overseas." That company was called NIGHTHAVEN. 

According to Ubisoft: "Her ruthlessness is legendary, but by becoming a resource the Indian government desperately needs she has circumvented the laws that kept her from her goal and revalidated her self-perception as an unstoppable force in a largely static world."

Kali's loadout

Primary: CSRX 300 Marksman Rifle

Secondary: C75 Auto Machine Pistol / SPSMG9 Machine Pistol / P226 MK 25 Handgun

Gadgets: Claymore / x3 Breaching Charges

Kali's weapon kit is short, as her only primary weapon option is the CSRX 300 Marksman Rifle. Although this weapon isn't much versatile in closed spaces, it usually secures at least an injury if the shot hits the enemy. With high damage (127) and the highest mobility possible (50) but only 5+1 bullets per magazine, it is up to you to decide if bringing her is a smart move. 

Her secondary options make her a bit stronger especially in close gunfights, as both the C75 and the SPSMG9 have a big fire rate. We think that the SPSMG9 might be the best option as you can equip a sight to it, something we can't say about the C75.

Kali's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Kali is a support operator who aims at getting rid of as much defensive utility as possible. That is possible thanks to her LV Explosive Lance.

She is usually seen droning and giving her teammates information about the site. Kali also takes the role of Thatcher, as she is usually used when the SAS operator is banned. 

How to use Kali's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

The LV Explosive Lance is a gadget that can destroy any kind of defensive utility. Just like Buck or Nomad, Kali's unique gadget is equipped with her primary weapon. 

Kali has three LV Explosive Lance charges, and can be shot to destroy any utility — including the attackers'. Players normally use her to get rid of Bandit batteries in certain walls, destroying deployable shields, or bulletproof cameras.

Although it is not the most common operator, she can be especially useful in Clubhouse's CCTV/Cash or in Villa's Aviator Room/Games Room because she can cover important lines of sight from a safe distance thanks to her Marksman Rifle. 

Best counters to Kali

Kali is the counter to defender utility, but some of it can counter her. Wamai's MAG-NET and Jäger's ADS' can catch mid-air any Kali projectile. So, if you are playing her, you better watch out.

Best Kali skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Kali doesn't have many skins in Rainbow Six Siege. However, she has been in the game for enough time to have some cool bundles:

Masterframe Prototype I

Kali's elite bundle looks... futuristic. Mixing shades of black and green, Kali's bundle is possibly one of the coolest in the game. You can purchase it for 1800 R6 Credits.

Kali Divine Bundle

This is completely different from her elite bundle. We went from pure black to a colorful bundle. Kali's Ikumi Nakamura bundle is just one of her many collaborations in Rainbow Six Siege. You can get this one for 1680 R6 Credits.

Kali DJ Bundle

I am not a big fan of this, but there's no doubt she looks super cool. You can acquire this bundle with Renown or with R6 Credits — your call.

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