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Rainbow Six Siege Wamai operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Wamai.

Wamai is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who was first released alongside the launch of Operation Shifting Tides.

Wamai is an alternative to Jäger. Just like the ADSs, Wamai's Magnet System can intercept projectiles and other attacking gadgets.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Wamai guide to learn more about the operator.

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What is Wamai's biography?

Wamai's real name is Ngugi Muchoki Furaha and he was born in Lamu, Kenya. Furaha spent his early years hunting sharks and collecting treasures as he was born into a fishing family. At some point, he realized that he could stay underwater for long periods of time. According to Ubisoft's biography, "medical exploration revealed an abnormal physiology that contributed to Furaha’s long-held belief that he was 'not from here.'"

He put his skills to good use by joining the Kenyan Navy and the Kenya Special Boat Unit. According to Ubisoft's biography, "he quickly drew the attention of generals within the navy as well as the worldwide scientific community for his prolific and frequent record-breaking freedives."

Later on, Wamai joined NIGHTHAVEN, as he was promised a private boat and more downtime.

What is the best Wamai loadout?

Primary: AUG A2 Assault Rifle / MP5K Submachine Gun

Secondary: D-40 Handgun / P12 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Impact Grenades / x2 Proximity Alarms

Wamai's loadout is perfect for his function. He has two strong weapons to take gunfights against the attackers, which is complemented by the D-40 Handgun to create new angles of sight.

Recently, Ubisoft buffed Wamai's loadout by giving him a 1.5x scope for his MP5K. With this change, Ubisoft's idea is to improve his pick-rate, which is currently too far behind Jäger's. 

To top it off, he can equip himself with two Impact Grenades or with two Proximity Alarms. Players tend to choose the impacts over the alarms as he is usually needed to create rotations. He can use them when he is playing more aggressively, as these are perfect to confirm kills or to escape from attackers when the situation gets difficult.

What is Wamai's playstyle?

Wamai can play as a flex or as an anchor. He is expected to play close to the Bombsite, as his gadget is extremely useful to protect bulletproof gadgets and teammates from enemy projectiles. He can also be used for some late flanks on the attackers.

Wamai beginner's guide

Wamai's gadget is the Mag-NET. This device can intercept any kind of enemy utility, making it explode in the disk area rather than at the initial target.

Wamai has a maximum of six disks per round. Once the disk is placed, he can pick it up and place it somewhere else. Keep in mind that this gadget isn't bulletproof.

On paper, Wamai disks are used to "burn" attacking utility. The Mag-NETs are usually combined with important pieces of defending utility, so these aren't cleaned easily. You should place Wamai's disks near Bulletproof Cameras, Deployable Shields, or even Bandit batteries. 

Wamai's disks can also be placed next to key doors and windows that attackers will likely use to get into the Bombsite. This way, the disks will intercept any kind of utility thrown by the attackers to facilitate their final push to the site.

Wamai Operator Synergies

Wamai can partner with multiple Rainbow Six Siege defenders, including those operators with Deployable Shields. To keep this important utility alive as much as possible, using Wamai's disks may be the best you can do.

Wamai can also partner with Jäger, whose ability is similar to Wamai's. Combining both gadgets makes it almost impossible for attackers to enter a room and it makes them waste a tone of utility.

How do I counter Wamai?

Wamai's gadget is easy to counter as it's not bulletproof. This means the disks can be destroyed by simply shooting at them. However, some operators can make this even easier for you and your teammates when playing against Wamai.

Twitch is Wamai's most common counter. Her special drones can destroy Wamai's gadgets with their tasers. 

Thatcher can also be used as a counter to Wamai. His EMPs can disable his disks, giving other attackers the time to throw projectiles without worrying about Wamai's utility.

Kali's gadget can also destroy Wamai's disks. 

IQ can detect the disks and shoot at them if the surface that separates them isn't bulletproof.

Fuze's charges can also destroy Wamai's disks. This also includes other explosives like Flores' drones.

What are the best Wamai skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Wamai in Rainbow Six Siege.

Wamai Immersion Bundle


You can purchase this skin for Wamai's MP5K for only 700 R6 Credits. It also includes an operator card background themed around XSET's Rainbow Six Siege esports team.

Oxygen Esports 2020

Meanwhile, for only 300 R6 Credits, you can support another North American League team -- Oxygen Esports. This skin is also exclusive to Wamai's MP5K.

MIBR 2023

Recently, Ubisoft released a new R6 Share bundle including a cosmetic for Wamai's MP5K. The bundle also includes a universal operator card background. You can purchase it for 720 R6 Credits! 

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