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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Brava

Brava is the operator released with Operation Commanding Force.

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation is now around the corner! Operation Commanding Force will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege next month. WIth it, a tonne of new features will be addded to the game, including a special update for console players!

With the release of Operation Commanding Force, a new operator will join Rainbow Six Siege. It's time for Brava.

Keep on reading to know everything you need to know about the newest Brazilian operator, who is joining the Viperstrike squad led by Hibana!

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Brava's loadout


Primary: PARA-308 Assault Rifle / CAMRS Marskman Rifle

Secondary: Super Shorty Shotgun / USP40 Handgun

Gadgets: 2 x Smoke Grenade / 2 x Claymore

Brava's loadout is very aggressive and it fits the current meta in Rainbow Six Siege.

We expect players to pick the CAMRS, Super Shorty, and Smoke Grenade combo, as she will mainly be used as a support operator that can hit hard. Her claymores may be very useful while playing on maps like Chalet or Consulate, but her smokes will be the primary gadget of choice.

Brava's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Looking at her gadgets and her unique ability, it's safe to say Brava will be used as a support or flex opertator.

To make the best use of Brava, players will have to use her special drone to take over multiple defensive gadgets. She will be a great operator to use when playing against teams who love to use traps or with players who have cameras, like Maestro, Echo, or Valkyrie.

Let's have a look at Brava's special gadget!

How to use Brava's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Brava's gadget is the Kludge Drone. Brava will be equipped with two Kludge Drones and two standard drones.

Brava's Kludge Drones may become one of the most important pieces of utility on attack. You may be wondering, what can a Kludge Drone do? Well, these drones have the ability of hacking defending gadgets. Sounds useful, right?

The Kludge Drones will be able to hack every gadget, from bulletproof cameras to Kaid electroclaws.

When hacking cameras, attackers will have full power over them. This includes Valkyrie, Maestro, and Ech's unique gadgets.

Kludge Drones will also be able to hack traps like Kapkan traps or Lesion mines, or even Aruni gates. When a trap is hacked, the defenders will be the ones who trigger them!

Overall, Brava looks like an exciting operator to work with. We can't wait to see what the players find out to elevate her impact to the game!

How to counter Brava's gadget?

Brava's gadget is easy to counter. Just like Flores drones, her Kludge Drones are noisy and can be shot with just one bullet.

Mute jammers will stop Brava's drones, while Mozzie's electronic spiders will be able to hack them. Keep in mind that Mozzie will be able to use her drones at their fullest, which means he will be able to hack Claymores and other attacking devices -- Rainbow Six Siege is cool, uh?

Is Siege's new operator Brava good?

We expect Brava to be a very good addition to Rainbow Six Siege's attacking operator pool. So, yes, Rainbow Six Siege's new operator Brava is good.

Brava's gadget is very good especially considering defenders always bring some kind of tool that can gather information. If there's a Valkyrie, a Maestro, or an Echo on the enemy team, Brava will fit in any lineup.

However, we don't think she's going to be as good as Solis. The Colombian operator, who joined Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Solar Raid, is possibly the best operator added to the game since Azami. Grim, who joined just before Solis, has been a big flop.

Brava's impact will possibly be similar to Flores. Her extra drones and her ability to hack defensive gadgets is unique, especially for getting information. Combining her with Twitch, Flores, and two regular attacking operators will give the attacking team... 18 drones!

The options with Brava are unlimited. It's just a matter of time for players to find the best way to play her in Rainbow Six Siege!

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