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Rengoku Event gives Rainbow Six Siege operators new abilities and identities

This is a mysterious event full of interesting new challenges.

A brand new event is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, bringing players to Japan for a game mode with a unique take on capture the flag. 

The Rengoku Event is coming April 26 and going through May 17th, taking a specific set of operators to a revamped version of Skyscraper that's now "imbued with ancient divine spirits." The game mode is based on an eternal battle between The Sun goddess and The Storm god, who have both called upon mortals to capture the Altar's Sacred Flames. 

Operators have been cast into the roles of The Devoted and The Possessed, fighting for the Sacred Flames with shotguns and kunai. 

Said Ubisoft: "It is now a frenzied race to find the flames, capture the altars, and gain favor from the gods to obtain freedom." 

Rengoku Event operators and gameplay

Familiar Rainbow Six Siege operators will be shedding their usual roles and identities. Here are the operators competing as The Devoted, fighting for The Sun's victory: 

  • Fuze is called Homura and is heating up for the confrontation
  • Capitao, as Masurao, slithers into position to strike
  • Zofia burns at the opportunity to get started, now known as Kagerou
  • Twitch prepares a good harvest in this battle, under the guise of Kagaribi
  • Osa, now called Kasumi, scouts the area to pave the way

Then there is The Storm's team, known as The Possessed:

  • Bandit gets ready to shock foes in his path as the mighty Ikazuchi
  • Maestro stands guard as Mononofu, preventing intrusion
  • Kapkan prowls the zone ready to pounce, now called Hagane
  • Thunderbird, bearing the name Taoyame, swoops in like a gale
  • Rook bides his time to neutralize threats as Tachikaze

Skyscraper has also been transformed, given a new identity. It's now a mysterious temple that's reformatted for a control-type game mode. Here's how the gameplay works: 

The match begins with three Altars in several locations. Every two minutes, the three Altars will change location and must be recaptured. To capture an Altar, operators have to remain in an Altar's room. The more captured Altars, the more Favor the team collects. 

Altars can be captured by the other team if they stand in the room uncontested. This will stop your team from gaining Favor. 

There is respawning in this game mode. Each operator will have a shotgun as their main weapon, meaning staying alert — especially around corners. Each operator will also have throwing knives called kunai, which will all have various effects on opponents depending on the operator. This includes fire, poison, stun, and knockback. 

The team that reaches the required number of points first, or has the most points when time runs out, wins the match.