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Rainbow Six Siege Rook operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Rook.

Our Rainbow Six Siege Rook guide is here to run you through the basics of this popular French operator, who's been around since the game's launch all the way back in December 2016.

Rook gives players the ability to withstand, which - when used effectively - can change the course of the round.

Beyond that, the Rook's armor plate also provides some extra health points, which always come in handy. Keep reading to find out more about Rook in Rainbow Six Siege.

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What is Rook's biography?

Rook's real name is Julien Nizan and he was born in Tours, France. Nizan excelled in athletics from an early age. Despite his intelligence, Nizan dropped out of university to cycle across France. Later on, he would join the Gendarmerie. 

According to his Ubisoft biography, "his adaptability put him at the top of the list in military and defense courses, quickly catching the attention of the GIGN." He is a hostage rescue and surveillance specialist.

What is the best Rook loadout?

Primary: P90 Submachine Gun / MP5 Submachine Gun / SG-CQB Shotgun

Secondary: LFP586 Handgun / P9 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Proximity Alarm / x2 Impact Grenades

Rook's loadout is very versatile, yet you'll often see players using the same weapons with him, including the MP5, the P9, and the two Impact Grenades. 

Despite this being the most popular Rook loadout in Siege matches, the P90 also deserves some love. Rook's shotgun, the SG-CQB, is also a common sight in certain Bombsites.

What is Rook's playstyle?

Rook's role is difficult to explain. Players usually roam or play as a flex with Rook, despite him being a one-speed operator. You can use his Impact Grenades to create rotations or to escape from gunfights quickly. He also has an x1.5 scope for his MP5, which is a very strong weapon.

He is a good operator for long-distance gunfights and his gadgets are nothing special for late-round pushes from the attackers. His place in the meta is a weird one despite the recent buff for his Armor Plate.

Rook beginner's guide

Rook's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege is called Armor Pack. His Armor Pack gives each defender an Armor Plate, which provides extra health points. On top of that, it allows the player to withstand.

Using Rook in Rainbow Six Siege is very easy. You just have to deploy your Armor Pack during the Preparation Phase... and that's it. Keep in mind that attackers can also pick up the Armor Plates, so make sure that all your teammates get theirs before the end of the Preparation Phase.

What happens after this? Well, that's up to you. Some players use Rook very aggressively, trying to spawn peek using his x1.5 scope. Other players decide to stay on the Bombsite. Others decide to try their luck as flex players.

You must read the map. Maps like Border, with long corridors, put Rook in a very good position to play as a flex. Other maps, like Consulate, give Rook plenty of options to spawn peek. 

Our advice is to play aggressively but always for the best interest of your team. Don't put your team at an early disadvantage!

How do I counter Rook?

Twitch is the only operator who can counter Rook, as her special drone can shoot the Armor Pack. Other than that, only explosives and bullets can destroy Rook's gadget. 

What are the best Rook skins?

Here are some best skins for Rook in Rainbow Six Siege.


Gendarmerie is Rook's Elite Bundle, one of the first Elite Bundles introduced to Rainbow Six Siege. You can purchase it for 1,800 R6 Credits.

Knights 2021

This is one of the best skins for the MP5. You can also use it with Doc and Melusi. It's part of the R6 Share program and you can purchase it with 300 R6 Credits.

Rook Abominable Bundle

It's the Yeti! Rook's Abominable Bundle is part of the Snow Brawl event, which was available until this past January.

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