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Rook armor gives team ability to self revive in Test Server

Is this good for the game?

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Rainbow Six Siege's Test Server is finally open for PC players! With the upcoming launch of Operation Vector Glare on June 7, new season changes can now be tried out by the community on the game's Test Server. This includes early access to the new operator Sens, the new Team Deathmatch map, and more!

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege announced the Designer's Notes for the Test Server patch. Although it included crucial updates regarding the most imminent future of the game, it didn't mention a very impactful change to Rook that players soon discovered for themselves.

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Rook's armor gives withstanding ability to defenders

You have read that right. Rook's Test Server version gives his armor plates the power to withstand. This means that operators who have armor equipped and fall to a DBNO state will have the ability to self revive. As of now, operators that self revive move to 20 HP.

Despite the change, Rook's armor still gives extra hp the moment an operator is equipped with it. Without a doubt, this is a huge buff to the French operator.

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Rook being buffed is a huge surprise.

He is not in a bad state in the meta. Rook has always been labeled as a round changer, as his plates already made a substantial difference prior to this change. Rook is the defender with the highest win delta in Platinum and above games, a number that will possibly increase if this change gets to the live version.

As the community noticed the Rook change in the Test Server, an edit was done to the official announcement on Reddit from Ubisoft which revealed that the change "will not release as part of Y7S2" but it is "planned for a future update."

Is self reviving good for R6 Siege?

The Rainbow Six Siege community complained for months as Zofia's withstanding ability could make drastically change the course of one round just because her lore stated that she loved her family, which pushed her to her limits.

After Zofia's ability got nerfed, Finka's adrenal surge was buffed so she could revive herself when she was downed — just like Doc. It honestly makes sense.

However, does it make sense for Rook, an operator who already gives a permanent hp boost to himself and each one of his teammates? I don't think so, and honestly, this might be getting out of hand.

Remember, changes hitting the Test Server don't mean they will be pushed to the live version of the game. However, if it's in the TS, that's because Ubisoft is seriously thinking about it. Do you think this is a fair buff?

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