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When will Operation Vector Glare Test Server be released?

If you can't wait to try out the new changes, the Test Server is your place.

Banner Image: Ubisoft

Operation Vector Glare is the name for Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season, which will introduce many new changes and content. 

If you are a PC player and you want to try out the changes before anybody else, the Test Server is your place. 

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What is the Test Server in Rainbow Six Siege?

The Rainbow Six Siege Test Server is a practice field for upcoming changes that are planned to hit the live version of the game shortly. The Test Server is usually closed, but it's opened for players to try out upcoming changes when announced. 

When the Test Server opens, it is very important for the game's developers that players try out the new content. The community's reaction to the new ideas and implementations are crucial, as well as reports of possible malfunctions such as bugs or other problems. Without the community's feedback, developers won't be able to address problems in time, leading to a worse experience for everyone when the changes hit the live version of Rainbow Six Siege.

When is Operation Vector Glaire Test Server being released?

Operation Vector Glare's Test Server launch date is May 24. This means that players will be able to try out the new changes — including the new operator and the new Team Deathmatch map — in less than 48 hours!

Operation Vector Glare's new operator is called Sens, while the newest Team Deathmatch map is located in Greece. New content also includes changes to some operator loadouts, the launch of a practice field, and more. 

Can console players play on the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server?

Negative. Only PC players can download and play the Test Server. So, if you are a console player, you will have to wait until Operation Vector Glare's launch date to try out the upcoming changes.