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What is the Test Server in Rainbow Six Siege?

Test game changes before they hit live servers!

Being two to three weeks away from the new operation is tough for some, as many people cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming season. However, the Test Server is a practice field to test out the upcoming changes in Siege allowing you to get your hands on the changes before they hit the live version. 

Upcoming seasons are usually announced during the week of the esports event of the season, which is played every three years — the Six Invitational in February and three more Majors that are played throughout the year: May, August, and November. 

It is then when the Test Server opens for the players, who can test the upcoming changes usually starting the day after the announcement. 

What is the Test Server in Rainbow Six Siege?

The Test Server is a practice field to test the upcoming changes. It is the game exactly as we know it, but with some extra features that users can try out.  

The Test Server opens the day after the new changes are announced and it remains open for the following weeks. Then, Ubisoft decides what changes make the cut.

Sometimes, upcoming operators receive tweaks even before they come to the live version of the game. And that’s why the Test Server exists — to fix errors or unbalanced features even before they come out. 

How do I get the Test Server?

The Test Server can easily be found on the Ubisoft Connect library. 

Can I play the Test Server?

There are two answers to this question. Yes, you can play the Test Server if you are a PC player. It is a no for console players. Sadly, the Test Server is a feature that only exists on PC. This means that console players can play the Test Server but on PC. 

Before trying out the upcoming changes, you will have to download the newest version of the Test Server. 

So, when can I play on the Test Server?

The Test Server is just opened for a few days once the game announces changes that will hit the live version in the future. That includes map tweaks, new maps, new operators, operator tweaks, among others. 

The changes come every now and then. Usually, the Test Server opens to test out the mid-season balancing changes and the changes and features introduced with the upcoming season. 

Do I have to unlock operators in order to play them on the Test Server?

No! The Test Server is a practice field, which means that you can try out every operator, even if you haven’t unlocked it in the live version of the game. 

The maps played there are also the same that exist in the live version, plus that new upcoming map — if there is one. 

When is the Lab Test Server coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

Something that the community has been asking for years will hit the Test Server on December 8. Finally, a Warm-Up Playlist is on its way. 

5v5. Infinite respawns. Any map. You can choose any operator, regardless of your teammates’ picks. Regardless of the side you are playing — defender or attacker. 

This change has been welcomed by the community, especially esports professionals. So, download the Test Server and give it a try!

I have found an issue in the Test Server. What can I do?

If you have found a bug or anything that should be fixed, you can report it on R6Fix. As we are talking about the Test Server, you will have to choose that version of the game once you are on the website. 

Make sure to have fun while testing new things!