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Operation Vector Glare: June 7 debut, No more operator quarantine for esports, new TDM map, shooting range incoming

Operation Vector Glare is coming.

Operation Vector Glare will debut on June 7, according to a Ubisoft-organized preview event. SiegeGG later clarified and confirmed that this will be the date of the new season's release with a Ubisoft representative. 

The new operation will feature a new TDM map, updates to the competitive operator quarantine, and the shooting range will be in the next season. 

New TDM Map: Close Quarters

While the assets for the map are lifted from Stadium, the map will not replace Stadium, according to Mathieu Lacombe, a game designer at Ubisoft. While the other maps aren’t too terribly great for the TDM concept, this map is going to be built from the ground up for it.

It’s good news that Stadium is not gone permanently, and also good news that a TDM map that’s built for TDM is coming into the game.  

The new map that was planned for Y7S3 is being moved to Y7S4. 

No more competitive operator quarantine

Finally, the next operator that will be released, Sens, will go directly into the competitive scene alongside Azami. 

This rule has been a long time coming. Ubisoft feels their balancing team is getting better at releasing operators that are balanced on release, and are satisfied with the recent slew of operators added in. The rule was put into place following the release of Lion, and no singular operator has had that much impact since. 

Shooting Range

Finally, everyone gets access to the shooting range to test out all guns and attachments, practice recoil control, and figure out how some guns work. 

A shooting range has been requested for quite some time by many members of the wider community. The function will be great for players of all stripes, from seasoned veterans to completely new players. 


Finally, to the new operator.

Sens, a three armor one speed attacker, has the POF-9 assault rifle as a new primary weapon, and the ROU projector system, which will block lines of sight. 

The line of light will function like a smoke grenade. You can shoot through it, you can use bulletproof cameras to see through it, and Warden’s glasses can penetrate it. You can bounce them off corners to cordon off certain sectors of a room, or you can just cut a big room in half. 

All in all, Sens seems strong, but not too strong, which is perfect since they will be added to the competitive pool immediately. There are many creative ways you can utilize their smokes, but they seem a bit niche compared to more traditionally powerful operators. 

Hard counters include Warden and Mute, and operators with great synergy include Glaz and Ying, according to the developers. 

New reputation penalty

The reputation system will be getting an overhaul, starting with preemptive reverse friendly fire for repeat friendly fire offenders. 

To some degree, there will be no second chances if you love to shoot your teammates. You will start the game with reverse friendly fire – and in the preview event, the penalty is done by matches, not time. You can have preemptive friendly fire on for 20 matches in a row. This feature will be available later in Season 2. 

The reputation penalty is not expected to completely replace the reputation system, rather, it's one part of a full system that will be rolling out over the course of many months. 

"Operation" is back as a naming convention

Alexander Karpazis confirmed that the naming convention "Operation" is back, and it's with a purpose. This feels like a "return to form" of sorts for Siege, according to inferences made during conversations with the devs. 

Three secondary gadgets on selected operators

Several operators with the Gonne-6 will be getting more secondary options to allow for more varied options for several pigeonholed operators. 

Miscellaneous player comfort changes

  • Changes to match cancellation.
  • Tactical Timeouts can be directly called in online competitions in all custom games. 
  • Changes to screen shake intensity available.
  • "Squad Up" benefits. 
  • Privacy Mode (streamer mode) available for all.

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