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Rainbow Six Siege map guide: Border

Border was reworked about a year ago and has been introduced to the competitive map pool.

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Border is a Rainbow Six Siege map located in the Middle East that was first launched into the game with the release of Operation Dust Line, also known as Blackbeard and Valkyrie's season.

Despite being just added to the competitive map pool, Border was in it for almost four years — from its launch in 2016 to June 2020. With its most recent rework, the map was reintroduced to the professional pool as it got extended from six to nine maps.

Border — map structure

Although this map experienced a rework, the changes made to it are pretty small. Border isn't the biggest map in the game, but it includes many corners and spots where defenders can hide.

It is also a very volatile map, as it has a great number of soft walls and soft floors/ceilings. Such a high destruction power gives defenders the chance to explore their options while deploying their strats on the map. Meanwhile, attackers can exploit vertical plays, with operators like Sledge or Buck being pivotal in trying to do so.

Many of the action takes place in the first-floor corridor and the server rooms, as defenders usually go to play in Armory and Lockers first. Attackers getting control over the previously mentioned parts of the map is the first step they must complete before focusing on the main site. The same can be said of when defenders go to defend Workshop / Ventilation and even Custom Inspection / Supply Room.

Also, Border has five hatches, with everyone playing an important role in each site. Keeping them closed or opening them will depend on the strat book that the defenders want to follow.

Keep an eye on how the professionals are now playing on Border — with time, strats will probably hit the ranked game mode.

Images: Ubisoft

Border sites

The sites that can be found on Border are the following ones:


  • Armory Lockers/Archives
  • Customs Inspection/Supply Room
  • Tellers/Bathroom
  • Workshop/Ventilation Room


  • Customs Desk
  • Security Room
  • Office
  • Tellers

Secure Area

  • Armory Lockers
  • Tellers
  • Offices
  • Workshop

Historical Rainbow Six Siege matches played on Border

Brazil's first international piece of silverware in Rainbow Six Siege came in 2018 at the Atlantic City Finals. After losing the first Grand Final map (1-5, Bank), it was a do-or-die situation for Team Liquid as they had to defeat the Six Invitational 2018 champions on Border to force a decider.

After a thrilling overtime on Border, Team Liquid won the map by 6-5. Such a result was followed by a surprising 5-1 victory, which saw Team Liquid winning its first international Siege event.

The match between Evil Geniuses and Fnatic at the Pro League Season 8 Finals went down in history for two reasons. First, the Aussies were playing without the team's captain Etienne "Mag" Rousseau, who had to stay in his country due to health reasons. The team's coach Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders stepped in for the Australian player.

Second, a team from APAC had never qualified for a Pro League semi-final. Facing that year's Six Invitational finalists, Fnatic wasn't in the best of situations. However, the Australians defeated their opposition against all the odds with a very aggressive playstyle. The first map win came in Border, as Fnatic won by 6-3.

After winning the Pro League Season 9 held in Milan, Team Empire traveled to Raleigh as favorites. The Russians only lost two maps throughout the whole tournament, against TSM in their first match of the event, and versus G2 Esports in the Grand Final.

The very first map played in the Grand Final against G2 Esports was on Border, as Team Empire defeated their European rivals by 7-5.

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