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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Caveira

Caveira is a defender in Rainbow Six Siege.

Caveira is a Rainbow Six Siege defender from Brazil who was introduced to the game with Operation Skull Rain, which was released on Aug. 6, 2016.

Caveira brings a different ability to Rainbow Six Siege's defenders. Individually, she is the best roamer in the game, as she is very difficult to track. Moreover, her iconic interrogation will reveal the position of every attacker on the server.

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Caveira's real name is Taina Pereira and she was born in Rinópolis, Brazil. She was the seventh of ten kids. Pereira was a criminal for most of her childhood. She was arrested for robbery, but was offered "a choice between juvenile reformatory and working with the Polícia Militar as an informant", according to her Ubisoft biography.

Pereira infiltrated Brazil's notorious gangs, which made her "a master of interrogation techniques and surveillance." Her actions during the Rio de Janeiro Security Crisis were what caught the eye of Team Rainbow, despite being considered "a dangerous, free-roaming operator."

Caveira's loadout

Primary: M12 Submachine Gun / SPAS-15 Shotgun

Secondary: Luison Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Proximity Alarm / x2 Impact Grenades

Caveira's loadout is very interesting. Her loadout allows her to help with site-building tasks. She can open rotations and new angles of sight with her shotgun and her two impacts. 

Although the M12 is a usable gun, players usually don't pick it due to its low fire rate. Instead, the community's favorite pick is the SPAS-15 Shotgun, which gives Caveira an advantage in close-distance gunfights.

Meanwhile, she can choose between the Proximity Alarm and the Impact Grenades. As a roamer, the impacts are a more tempting gadget, but the proximity alarm has its positives. Be smart!

Caveira's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Caveira is a roamer. She is expected to be roaming around the map, hiding in corners, and waiting for a chance to surprise the attackers. 

Caveira must try to waste the attacker's time and resources by cleaning her from the map. If she stays alive for long enough, the defenders could be in a very good position to win the round. Getting an interrogation can be game-changing too!

How to use Caveira's ability in Rainbow Six Siege?

Caveira's special ability is the Silent Step. With it, she can walk and run without making any noise. This ability is very useful in a game where sound is what matters the most.

The Silent Step makes it easier for Caveira to roam freely around the map. However, it's a finite ability. At some point, Caveira must wait for the ability to be reloaded.

Caveira's second ability is Siege's iconic Interrogation. Caveira can interrogate a downed operator to know the exact location of the rest of the attackers.

Caveira must be used smartly. Don't go running like crazy. Know your place and the operator's strength. We know that interrogations are great and seeing a downed operator may be tempting, but sometimes interrogation attempts end with Caveira dead and the attacker being rescued by one of its teammates.

Use her Silent Step to move freely around the map, hide in dark corners and wait for your chance to upset the attackers. Keep in mind that Caveira is an operator who doesn't bring much to the defenders, and it's very situational. Only a smart play at the right time will make Caveira's pick worthy! 

How to counter Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's difficult to counter Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege, but some attackers can do the job.

Jackal's Eyenox can scan Caveira's footsteps, but the Brazilian operator can easily avoid his gadget by just using the Silent Step. However, Jackal will detect her briefly.

Lion's scanner can spot her if she's moving, forcing her to stop.

Dokkaebi's special call will force Caveira to stop, otherwise, her device will be ringing for twelve seconds.

Other gadgets like Claymore or Nomad's Airjabs will force Caveira to be more careful. 

Best skins for Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege.


Mata-Leao is Caveira's Elite Bundle. We don't promise you will get more interrogations, but you will surely look cooler. You can get it for 1,800 R6 Credits!

Caveira Bloodwood Bundle

This is Caveira's only bundle in the store that can be purchased with Renown. You can also get your hands on it with R6 Credits.

Growling Rumble

Although the bundle where you can find this gun is for Thunderbird, you can also use it for Caveira. To get your hands on it, you can use whether Renown or R6 Credits!

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