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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Solis

Solis is being nerfed in Operation New Blood.

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Operation Solar Raid introduced what has been considered to be one of the most broken operators Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has ever been, arguably only behind Operation Chimera's Lion.

Since December 2022, Solis has run her reign of terror in Ubisoft's FPS. Her ability and gadgets allowed her to do everything she pleased, from giving crucial information to her teammates to destroying the attacker's hope of doing anything before the Colombian operator knew it.

However, this is changing with Operation New Blood. The Colombian operator has (finally) been nerfed with the launch of Y9S2 as her gadget has been severely tweaked.

Here's everything you need to know about Solis' current state in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege meta:

Solis' loadout

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Primary: P-90 Submachine Gun / ITA 12L Shotgun

Secondary: SMG-11 Machine Pistol

Gadgets: 2x Proximity Alarms / 1 x Bulletproof Camera

Solis' loadout is not only powerful but also versatile. She has access to Doc and Rook's iconic P-90. She also has access to Jackal and Mira's shotgun, the ITA 12L. Meanwhile, she will always be equipped with the SMG-11 as a secondary, a very strong gun -- especially in close-distance gun fights.

Following the previously mentioned nerf, Ubisoft changed her Impact Grenades for Proximity Alarms. This will limit her options as a vertical operator as some players would use her Impact Grenades to stop planting attempts.

Solis' role in Rainbow Six Siege

Solis is a roamer and a flex. Solis is a two-speed, two-health operator who can easily roam around the map freely.

However, when used as a roamer, players shouldn't use her as a Jäger or a Vigil, who just run across the map after placing their utility. The Colombian operator must communicate with her teammates to get the best out of her gadget, as her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor is a great tool to know every attacking move seconds before it happens.

How to use Solis' gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

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Solis' gadget is the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor. With it, Solis can spot the attackers' gadgets through any surface on the map. To provide the collected information to teammates, players will have to type in the game's chat or use the microphone.

Solis' gadget is very useful when combined with other operators. These are some of the best partnerships with Solis:

  • Solis + Bandit or Kaid: Solis' gadget can detect when a Thermite, Hibana, Ace, or any operator with access to hard breaching utilities, places the charge to the reinforced wall. Solis can provide the information to the team's Kaid or Bandit to electrify the correct wall.
  • Solis + any operator with a C4: Just like Pulse, who sometimes uses his cardiac sensor to get easy kills with explosives, Solis can be played similarly as she can detect attackers who are on drones. Her combined with an operator such as Mute or Warden can get defenders an easy kill.

Her SPEC-IO is a very versatile gadget that allows her to be played as some kind of Warden. She can spot the defuser while attackers are planting on the site, so even a smoke screen would do nothing against her.

Unfortunately for Solis' mains, the Colombian operator's nerfs have targeted her gadget. Starting from Operation New Blood, Solis won't be able to use her SPEC-IO during the preparation phase. This was very useful for defenders as she was able to not just destroy drones but also to have a basic idea of where the attackers could come from.

Additionally, Ubisoft has nerfed the SPEC-IO action time. Furthermore, Solis now has to wait until her glasses are fully charged to use them.

How to counter Solis' gadget?

Solis can be easily countered with Thatcher EMPs or IQ's scanner. The EMPs will automatically disable Solis' gadget for some time, while IQ's scanner will spot Solis while she is using her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor.

Is Solis still good after Operation New Blood's nerf?

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Let's make something clear first, Solis needed a nerf. Players were able to do absolutely everything with the Colombian operator, so we believe this was the right decision to make. However, a new question arises now as people believe that Ubisoft's nerfs have killed Solis.

Starting from Operation New Blood, we expect Solis to not be determinant anymore. While she will still be able to be used as a vertical operator, the limitation on her gadget will push Solis' mains to improve their game sense. They will have to choose the right time to use Solis' device as her current battery level isn't good enough to use it as players' please.

With this change, we expect Solis to be used as Ubisoft initially intended: an intel-gathering operator. Before Operation New Blood, Solis was too independent and powerful. Her gadget did wonders. Now, players will have to choose and, most importantly, communicate. Solis can't do anything anymore.

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