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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Grim

Grim is Siege's first Singaporean operator.

Hailing from the Little Red Dot, Grim has joined Team Nighthaven to help Kali and company. Grim will be released in-game with the launch of Y7S3 Operation Brutal Swarm.

Grim is the new Rainbow Six Siege operator, here's everything you need to know about him!

Grim's loadout

Primary: 522 Comando Assault Rifle / SG-CQB Shotgun

Secondary: P229 Handgun 

Gadgets: 3 x Breaching Charges / 2 x Claymores

Grim's loadout is short, but effective. It's not unique, but it does the job. However, many operators in the game have a better loadout than Grim and that might be a problem.

His primary gun is IQ's iconic 552 Commando Assault Rifle. That's the gun most of the players will go with. For a more chaotic experience, players will probably opt for the SG-CQB Shotgun.

However, there are no options for the secondary weapon. He can only bring a handgun, which is the SAS P229.

Gadget wise, he doesn't bring throwable utility, which might be another problem in the current meta. 

Grim's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim will likely be a roam clear operator that could pair well with a hard breacher (Thermite, Ace, Maverick, or Hibana), or someone like Jackal, Lion or Dokkaebi. His breaching charges can be useful to create new angles, which can make a difference at the end of the round.

Grim will also be useful when attackers are directly attacking the bomb site. During the execute of the final push, things can get messy and being able to live ping defenders could save rounds.

How to use Grim's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim's gadget is the Kawan Hive Launcher. Grim has five canisters, which deploy a bulletproof device that releases a swarm of bees. Defenders that walk by the swarm will get pinged. The swarm last for 10 seconds.

Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher can be used in planting and post-planting situations, cutting off the defenders' rotations and entry-points to the site. 

It can also be used in the middle of gun fights, although that's difficult to do: you must swap your gun to the launcher, which might put you in a bad spot. Still, it would be safer and quicker than using a drone.

Is Siege's new operator Grim good?

It's difficult to say if Grim has a place for the current meta. He is good in his own niche, but that may not apply to every situation.

On the one hand, his special utility can be used to burn Jäger's ADS devices and Wamai's Mag-NET Disks. On the other hand, his loadout seems poor, and he might need upcoming changes related to gun and recoil control.

A good way to tweak him without making him an overpowered operator would be to give him Smoke Grenades. Although that's just against Ubisoft's idea of creating team plays (a lack of smokes forces Grim to work alongside his teammates) this gadget would make him stronger.

It would also be slightly problematic with the amount of throwable gadgets he would have and would require a reduction in the number of Hive Launcher shots.

We also think giving Grim a Machine Pistol such as an SMG-11 or a Bearing 9 would be a good way to make him stronger at roam clearing, but Ubisoft noted that the combination with a primary shotgun could make him too good at clearing anchor positions vertically.

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