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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Pulse

With his Cardiac Sensor, Pulse can detect the attackers' heartbeat.

In Rainbow Six Siege, information is everything. Knowing who and where your opponents are can make a difference, hence why cameras and sounds are so pivotal to winning the match.

However, imagine having legal "wall hacks". Imagine being able to see through walls and knowing your opponent's next move -- but not with actual hacks.

Pulse is a Rainbow Six Siege defender whose special gadget is called the "Cardiac Sensor". With it, Pulse can detect the heartbeat of his opponents -- even through walls.

Keep on reading to find out more about Pulse!

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Pulse's biography

Pulse's real name is Jack Estrada. He was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina. According to Ubisoft's biography, he was raised on military bases across the U.S., Germany, Turkey, and Japan.

Both his parents had links to the U.S. military forces. Jack was mainly interested in science. According to Ubisoft's biography, "his focus on Forensic Science and Biochemistry made him a perfect fit for the Biometrics Program with the FBI".

After securing a role as an agent, he was quickly recruited into the SWAT team. According to Ubisoft's biography, "Estrada’s high emotional intelligence led him to join the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) where he excelled in crisis management and negotiation tactics".

Alongside several other prototypes, Jack created the Cardiac Sensor, the gadget he uses in Rainbow Six Siege.

Pulse's loadout

Primary: M1014 Shotgun / UMP45 Submachine Gun

Secondary: M45 MEUSOC Handgun / 5.7 USG Handgun

Gadgets: 2 x Barbed Wire / 1 x C4

Pulse's loadout has much to offer. It's perfect for destruction tasks, as the C4 and the Shotgun make a perfect combination when carrying out vertical plays. Meanwhile, the UMP45 is also a great option in any kind of gunfight. However, its low fire rate puts Pulse in a weak spot against the attackers' weapons.

Despite Pulse having access to two pieces of Barbed Wire, playing Pulse without a C4 is almost unthinkable. We don't recommend you play Pulse without his precious explosive.

Pulse's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Pulse is a very versatile operator and can play any role in Rainbow Six Siege. His role will be defined depending on the site that's being defended. Here are some examples.

On Bank's basement bomb site, Pulse can be played as an anchor. Playing from the Gold Vault, he can provide his teammates with priceless information. If he partners with Smoke or with other defenders that own throwable devices, attackers will have a hard time trying to plant the defuser.

On Coastline, while defending Hookah and Billards, Pulse's information from Sunrise Bar can change the course of the round. A late C4, or even the detection of operators who are outside or rappelling next to the big window on Billards, will change everything.

It should be easy for Pulse to go back to the site, as the Cool Vibes stairs are next to Sunrise. However, attackers will most likely try to clear his position.

Meanwhile, on a site like Consulate's CEO Office, Pulse acts as a roamer. He is usually found checking on both sites from the Piano Room, the Antechamber, and the Lobby. From there, he can get valuable information on the attackers rappelling up to the site's windows or any possible plant attempts.

How to use Pulse's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Pulse's gadget is the Cardiac Sensor. While the previous three examples explain how to use his gadget, you must understand that the sensor is very situational. While using it, Pulse is exposed to any attacker, as it takes some time for him to swap the gadget for his regular weapon.

To use the Cardiac Sensor properly, you must have great knowledge of the game first. It's not only about spotting an attacker and making the C4 explode. Pulse is one of the most fun operators in the game because he is tactical. You must communicate with your teammates while using the gadget, giving precise information on where the attackers are and what could be their next move.

So, plain and simple: a good Pulse talks but doesn't shoot. Gunfights involving Pulse tend to be won by the attacker. Be smart and use the Cardiac Sensor to change the course of the round! If all goes well, you will probably steal the show in the final stretch of the round.

Does Pulse have a counter?

Yes, Pulse can be countered in Rainbow Six Siege.

Pulse's main counter is IQ's Electronics Detector. IQ can detect Pulse whilst he is using his Cardiac Sensor. A lucky headshot from the attacker's handgun is a death sentence for the defender. It's always a very satisfying kill!

Twitch is also a counter to Pulse's unique device. Hitting him with a taser of her special drones will disable the Cardiac Sensor for a short time.

Finally, Thatcher's EMPs can also disable Pulse's device. 

Best Pulse skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Pulse in Rainbow Six Siege.

Pulse's Lucky Seventh

Pulse's Elite Bundle is one of the oldest in the game. You can acquire it for 1,800 R6 Credits, or 1,620 if you own the Premium Battle Pass.

W7M Gaming 2020

Pulse's UMP45 hasn't got many skins in Rainbow Six Siege's store. However, you can always get w7m esports' 2020 skin for only 270 R6 Credits!

Pulse Aristocrat Bundle

This is the only bundle for Pulse that can be bought with Renown. Buying it will give you access to a headset, a uniform, and special gun skins for all of Pulse's weapons.

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