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Rainbow Six Siege Operator Tier List: Attackers

Attackers are important, but which are the most important names in the attacking pool?

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Rainbow Six Siege is like chess — you have various pieces and each has its own role. Well, today we bring you our attempt to rate Siege's attacking pieces according to their presence in the meta, their weapon kits, their utility, and also their presence in regular matches.

Here you will find the tier list maker original design, which you can edit to order the operators as you think they should be ordered.

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Rainbow Six Siege attackers tier list

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Overall, this looks right. No hot takes nor crazy placements. S Tier and A Tier include the most essential operators in the game, while B, C, and especially D, E, and F include operators that can be used in very specific tasks. you'll also notice the list goes from most meta operators (S Tier) to not-so-meta operators (F Tier).

S Tier

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Iana - Iana’s the best entry fragger in the game. Her loadout is one of the best in Rainbow Six Siege, despite recently losing her GONNE-6. Her two Fragmentation Grenades are deeply needed especially when playing vertically. Check out our Iana operator guide to know more about her.

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Thermite - Thermite was the first hard-breaching operator introduced to the game. Until the release of Hibana, he was the only operator that could penetrate through reinforced walls and hatches. Now, with his two Smoke Grenades, and with a solid loadout for being a support, Thermite keeps being one of the best in the game. Check out our Thermite operator guide to know more about the American operator.

Sledge - Sledge’s recent speed nerf introduced with Operation Solar Raid doesn’t prevent him from making the top of the list. His two Fragmentation Grenades and his Sledge hammer makes him an important operator on high-destruction maps. Check out our Sledge operator guide to know more about the S.A.S. operator.

A Tier

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Ash - Ash is Rainbow Six Siege’s most iconic entry fragger, and possibly the most popular operator in the game. Her projectiles are important to destroy bulletproof gadgets such as Deployable Shields. With Operation Brutal Swarm, Ash’s place in the meta was elevated, as the changes introduced to recoil benefited her. Check out our Ash operator guide to know more about her.

Ram - Rainbow Six Siege's new operator Ram has taken over the game with her gadget, the BU-GI Autobreacher. Her special device is the perfect tool to destroy bulletproof devices. She can also be used to create vertical plays with her BU-GI Autobreacher and her secondary shotgun. Check out our Ram operator guide for more information about the South Korean operator!

Ying - Ying’s Candelas are a very useful gadget when trying to rush a Bombsite. She can also use them to trigger gadgets like Jäger’s or Wamai’s. Check out our Ying operator guide for more information about the operator.

Thatcher - While the S.A.S. operator has lost importance in the meta due to the recent release of the Impact EMP Grenades, which are an alternative to Thatcher’s gadget, the original is still better than the adaptation. He’s needed when the attackers must rely on their hard breachers, especially on maps like Clubhouse, Kafe, or Theme Park. Check out our Thatcher operator guide for more information about the S.A.S. operator!

Ace - Ace can be an alternative to Hibana or Thermite. His gadget can be used to destroy reinforced hatches and walls, but it’s not as versatile as Hibana’s. Nevertheless, his loadout may be the strongest of the three. It’s all about knowing what the round asks you to bring! Check out our Ace operator guide for more information about the Norwegian operator.

Zofia - Zofia has been through lots of changes recently, as Operation Brutal Swarm weakened her LMG, while Operation Solar Raid made her a one-speed operator. Despite the tweaks, Zofia’s utility keeps being crucial for the attackers. On top of that, her loadout is possibly one of the best an entry fragger can have. Check out our Zofia operator guide to know more about her.

Buck - The Canadian is an alternative to Sledge, which we may see more often with the S.A.S. operator being now a one-speed operator. However, Buck’s loadout isn’t as complete as Sledge’s. It will be interesting to see how professionals alternate them before the Six Invitational 2023. Check out our Buck operator guide to know more about him.

Jackal - Jackal is a crucial operator for roaming cleaning tasks. He can be combined with Lion to make his job easier. His loadout allows him to support plants as well, as he has access to two Smoke Grenades.

B Tier

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Hibana - Hibana is the second hard breacher on the list. Her ability is extremely versatile and can be used to destroy various hatches and walls during the same round. Her loadout is quite strong, with the Bearing 9 as a secondary and three Stun Grenades. Check out our Hibana operator guide to know more about her.

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Flores - Flores’ two standard drones and his four explosive drones make him a great attacker that can not only gather information but also destroy bulletproof gadgets. Check out our Flores operator guide for more information about the Argentinian.

IQ - IQ’s situation in the meta is tricky. Her Comando is a great weapon, especially with the x1.5 scope. She can also get much information with her gadget. However, her utility is a big lacklustre for her. Check out our IQ operator guide for more information about the German operator.

Lion - Lion’s gadget is the perfect tool to detect and stop the roamers around the map. Combined with Jackal or Dokkaebi, Lion’s gadget is almost unstoppable. Check out our Lion operator guide for more information about him.

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Osa - Osa’s situation in the meta is great, but she can only be used as intended in very specific Bombsites. She is extremely useful on maps like Bank or Consulate. Check out our Osa operator guide for more information about Osa.

Nomad - Nomad brings to the team three flashes and the Airjabs, that can be attached to any surface in the game to stop defenders from moving freely around the map. She’s the perfect operator to avoid enemies from running out or from flanking in the late stages of the round. Check out our Nomad operator guide for more information about the Moroccan operator.

Nokk - Nokk’s position in the game has changed during the past months. Now, with her two Fragmentation Grenades and her ability, which makes her temporarily invisible to cameras and other defensive gadgets, Nokk is considered to be one of the strongest entry fraggers in Rainbow Six Siege.

Twitch - Twitch’s versatile loadout makes her a great entry fragger while also being able to complete support tasks. Her special drone is also a great gadget to destroy the defenders’ gadgets. Check out our Twitch operator guide to know more about her!

Brava - Brava is Rainbow Six Siege's most recent operator. Her two Kludge Drones can hack defender gadgets. Once she hacks a device, it will only be triggered by the actions of the defenders. Brava is another option for Thatcher's EMPs or Twitch's drones. Check out our Brava operator guide to know more about her!

Maverick - Just like Finka, Maverick losing his two Fragmentation Grenades has been a big blow. Nevertheless, his Blow Torch is still very needed, especially on maps like Skyscraper and Clubhouse. Check out our Maverick operator guide for more information about Maverick.

Dokkaebi - Dokkaebi’s gadget can call any defender in the map. She can hack the defender cameras with her drones, getting a lot of information with it. Her recent buff also denies death defenders from checking cameras for a period of time. Check out our Dokkaebi operator guide for more information about the South Korean operator.

C Tier

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Gridlock - Gridlock’s gadget can be used like Nomad’s Airjabs, as she can cut rotations and can stop defenders from flanking the attackers. However, it’s not as versatile, and Gridlock being a one-speed operator puts her in a bad place in the meta.

Fuze - Fuze is a very good addition to any lineup on maps like Clubhouse or Consualte, but that’s basically it. He’s very slow and very noisy. He has the AK-12, so that’s a good point to consider. Check out our Fuze operator guide for more information about the Russian.

Glaz - Again, just like Osa, Glaz’s ability can only be exploited in certain Bombsites. He’s very useful on Chalet, Bank, and Consulate. Check out our Glaz operator guide for more information about him.

Amaru - Amaru is a great wildcard option to upset the defenders in a rush round. Using her alongside Blitz is often seen in professional leagues. However, that’s possibly everything you can do with her. Her gadget is very useful on maps like Chalet, Bank, or Consulate. Check out our Amaru operator guide for more information about Amaru.

Capitao - Capitao isn’t an operator that’s used a lot in the game. However, his smoke and fire arrows, and is loadout, makes him a strong wildcard.

Zero - Zero’s cameras and gadgets put him in a somewhat good position in the meta, but he’s still very situational. He’s very used on maps like Bank or Border. Check out our Zero operator guide for more information about Zero.

Montagne - Montagne is a great addition to any lineup. He can get a lot of information if used as a drone. If he partners with the entry fragger, the combination can become almost unstoppable. However, he’s still very slow, and not many players use him. He’s a great wildcard to surprise defenders.

Finka - Finka was untouchable before Operation Brutal Swarm due to the state of her LMG and the two Fragmentation Grenades. However, taking out her explosives and tweaking her main primary gun has put her in a lower place on the list. Check out our Finka operator guide for more information about the Russian.

D Tier

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Grim - His gadget is off-meta. His gun will probably experience changes in terms of scopes in the near future, but that won’t be enough to make Grim a useful operator. Check out our Grim operator guide for more information about the attacker.

Sens - Sens position in the game has improved thanks to Ubisoft modifying Sens’ speed – from a one to a three-speed operator. Sens position is still quite unknown due to a lack of game time, but it’s definitely improving. Check out our Sens' operator guide for more information about Sens.

Blitz - Blitz is a nightmare for most of the defenders, but he can be stopped. Operators like Warden or explosive gadgets like impacts or C4s are great counters to Blitz. He’s very noisy and not as fast as in the past.

Kali - Kali was introduced as Thatcher’s alternative, but the majority of players are reluctant to use her. Now, with the introduction of the Impact EMP Grenades, Kali’s position on the meta is even lower. Check out our Kali operator guide for more information about the operator.

E Tier

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Blackbeard - Blackbeard’s shield isn’t in a good place. His shields can be destroyed with a single bullet, and sometimes he just feels useless.

Will Rainbow Six Siege's tier list change?

Well, maybe. Probably yes.

Rainbow Six Siege's new operator is an attacker called Ram. She will be introduced to the game with the arrival of Operation Heavy Mettle. Moreover, Grim is getting another buff, which means that the Tier List will change!

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While it's difficult to talk about Ram now, her gadget BU-GI will possibly become an alternative to Sledge and Buck, who currently are some of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Ram will be fully announced on Aug. 13 at 8:30 PM CEST as Ubisoft will unveil Operation Heavy Mettle!

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