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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Montagne

Montagne is an attacker in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Montagne is one of the operators included in Rainbow Six Siege's initial version. Rainbow Six Siege was released on December 2015.

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The French operator is one of the most iconic in the game. His shield was the trophy for the Six Paris Major, which was played in Paris, France, and was won by G2 Esports.

Montagne is one of the only players who have access to a shield. Despite not being very appealing to those players who prefer fragging rather than supporting, Montagne is a very fun operator to use. Keep on reading to know more about him and his abilities!

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Montagne's biography

Montagne's real name is Gilles Touré and he was born in Bordeaux, France.

Touré began his career in the National Gendarmerie. According to his Ubisoft biography, "They used his imposing form whenever there was a need to show a strong police presence, earning him a spot in the Mobile Gendarmerie where the focus was on crowd control as well as military and counter-terrorism patrol missions."

Touré was awarded a position in the GIGN thanks to his "push for extensive training". Despite succeeding in "breaching techniques", Touré also knows "engineering" and "reconnaissance".

Montagne's loadout

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Primary: LE ROC Shield

Secondary: P9 Handgun / LFP586 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Hard Breach Charge / x2 Smoke Grenades / x2 Impact EMP Grenades

Montagne's loadout is very different from the rest of the operators. Aside from Blitz and Fuze, Montagne is the only player who can play with a shield as a primary gun.

Montagne's shield is his ability, and it's known as the LE ROC Shield. Combined with his two smoke grenades, Montagne is a great addition when attacking Bomb Sites such as Coastline's Kitchen or Clubhouse's Tunnel.

Montagne's role in Rainbow Six Siege

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Montagne is a support in Rainbow Six Siege. His shield allows him to get valuable information, which he is expected to pass on to his teammates.

For obvious reasons, Montagne can't be played as an entry fragger or an extremely aggressive operator. However, Montagne's ability can be used to facilitate the entry fraggers' jobs, providing them with information and protecting them from the defenders' bullets.

Montagne is also a planter, as he can place his shield on his back which protects him from the defenders' bullets. Combined with his Smoke Grenades, Montagne is very difficult to stop when he tries to plant the defuser.

Alongside Blitz and Fuze, Montagne is one of the only three attackers who can use a shield on the battlefield. However, Montagne's shield is different from the rest.

How to use Montagne's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege?

Montagne's gadget, the LE ROC Shield, is excellent for support and intel-gathering tasks. Montagne's shield can get him valuable information to use when planning an attack on the site. While he won't be the one getting the kills, he can be the perfect guide and tell his teammates where the defenders hide. Combine his ability with yellow pings and you will be a huge pain in the neck for the defenders!

Montagne can also combine the strength of his shield with his smoke grenades to become the best planter in the game. His shield allows him to plant without having to worry about shields hitting him. However, it doesn't protect him from C4s and explosives while planting.

Montagne is also the perfect operator in post-plant situations. His ability allows him to extend his shield to the point where shooting at him is barely impossible. If you are left alone in a post-plant situation against the French operator, consider the round-over.

Remember that Montagne's shield can be extended and unextended depending on his position. When he is pushing, Montagne must extend his shield to be completely protected from the front. Meanwhile, when he leans, his shield isn't extended hence why defenders can damage him by shooting at his feet and arms.

How to counter Montagne in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Montagne can be stopped with the deployment of traps. Operators like Kapkan, Lesion, or Ela are fantastic additions to any lineup that pretends to stop Montagne's attempts to enter the site. It will obligate the French operator to stop using his shield to shoot at the trap. If he decides or ignores the defensive gadget, he will suffer damage and will be put in a weak position.

Smoke is another counter for Montagne. His canisters can deliver him great quantities of damage due to the French being very slow. It's also the perfect gadget to prevent Montagne from planting the defuser.

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Echo's drones can concuss Montagne, who will be vulnerable for a short period of time. Meanwhile, Oryx's Remah Dash will knock Montagne regardless of the position of the shield.

Explosives, especially C4s, are another of Montagne's main threats. If you have explosives in your pocket, don't be afraid of using them!

Best Montagne skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of the best skins for Montagne in Rainbow Six Siege.


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Montagne's Elite Bundle is the MTG MK. II. It can be purchased with 1,800 R6 Credits. Unfortunately, players can't buy it with Renown.

Montagne Minted Bundle

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It's Christmas, so this bundle comes in handy! You can now acquire it in the store until the event Snow Brawl comes to an end.

Montagne Chevalier Bundle

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The Montagne Chevalier Bundle is the only bundle for Montagne that can be purchased with both Renown or R6 Credits. If you want to get your Montagne a new look, this may be your best option!

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