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Rainbow Six Siege Zofia operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Zofia.

Zofia is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker. She was introduced to the game on Nov. 2017 alongside the release of Operation White Noise.

Zofia is Ela's sister and they have always had disputes. However, who's the better operator?

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Zofia guide to learn more about the Polish operator.

What is Zofia's biography?

Zofia is the eldest daughter of Jan Bosak, who according to Zofia's Ubisoft biography was a "respected former commander of the Polish Special Operation Forces unit, GROM." Zofia became exceptional thanks to the training offered by her father. Her attitude got her the highest possible grades and she passed the GROM selection tests.

According to Ubisoft's biography, "she developed extensive skills beyond hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, specifically survival, sabotage, target extraction, and field medicine. Driven to be the highest performing soldier in any given unit, Zofia is of singular focus in all of her operations."

Zofia is now a very well-respected individual and stands out as a "lateral thinker".

What is the best Zofia loadout?

Primary: LMG-E Light Machine Gun / M762 Assault Rifle

Secondary: RG15 Handgun

Gadget: x2 Breach Charge / x2 Claymore

Zofia's loadout is extremely aggressive, as both the LMG-E and the M762 Assault Riffle have extraordinary fragging power. For this reason, Zofia is one of the best entry or second-entry fraggers in the game. Right now, players tend to play with the M762, especially after the nerf to all of the game's LMGs.

Regarding her gadget, it's difficult to choose between the breaching charges or the claymores. We recommend you use Attacking Repick to choose between one or the other, as the site being attacked will have a huge impact on the final decision.

What is Zofia's playstyle?

Zofia has always been an entry fragger. However, with the Polish operator being tweaked from a two-speed to a one-speed character, her status in the game may be up for a change.

As of now, players tend to use her as an entry fragger or even a flank watcher. Her Claymores come in handy for that, especially to defend herself against potential run-outs!

Looking at her loadout, Zofia is one of the best in her role. Before Operation Brutal Swarm, she and Finka led the attacking meta with their LMGs. However, with the recoil changes, her LMG became obsolete, and the M762 was suddenly the best option. 

Despite the lack of speed, Zofia's number of throwable utility -- four -- still sees her as a very valuable member of any attacking lineup. Her utility and loadout make it up to some extent, but will it be enough to see Zofia succeeding in Operation Solar Raid, or is Ash going to take back her crown?

How to play Zofia in Siege?

Zofia's gadget is very intuitive and easy to use -- you just need to have a basic knowledge of the game.

Her KS79 Lifeline includes two mines and two impact grenades, which can be very useful for utility triggering and cleaning. After using a stun mine to trigger Jäger's ADSs or Wamai's Disks, she can quickly change to the impact grenade to destroy the bulletproof gadget -- usually a shield or a bulletproof camera.

Her impact grenades can also be used for vertical plays, or to open soft walls. Despite being a very basic gadget, the possibilities are infinite!

We highly advice you to use Zofia's gadget before focusing on her entry fragging duties. Her impact grenades are very useful when it comes to destroying bulletproof gadgets. It can make the difference between a win and a loss!

Zofia's KS79 Lifeline can also be used to trigger other devices like Aruni's gates. She can also destroy Azami's Kiba Barriers with her impact grenades.

How do I counter Zofia?

Yes, Zofia has multiple counters in Rainbow Six Siege.

Jäger and Wamai's gadgets are the most obvious counters for Zofia, as they can stop her projectiles from detonating on the desired surface or device.

Although Zofia can be a counter to Aruni, Aruni's gates can also work as counters for Zofia by not allowing her to shoot her projectiles through doors or windows. Despite the gadget being disabled for 30 seconds after stopping one of Zofia's projectiles, this is an accepted way of weakening the attacking side.

What are the best Zofia skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege.

Duch Bojowy

This is Zofia's main Elite Bundle. Zofia can be seen using this uniform in her short movie released during the Six Invitational 2022, revealing the history of Zofia and her sister Ela.

S.T.A.R.S. Unit

Zofia has a second Elite Bundle, which came as a result of the partnership between Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil. Just like her first Elite Bundle, you can acquire it for 1,800 R6 Credits.

Zofia Light Hound Bundle

Zofia's Light Hound Bundle comes from the partnership between Rainbow Six Siege and Ikumi Nakamura. Ela has her own Bundle, as both sisters were given special cosmetics.

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