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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Finka

Finka's importance in the attack is inmense in the current meta.

Finka is a key part of the current meta in Rainbow Six Siege. She brings grenades and can boost her teammates' HP and a recoil boost. If that wasn't enough, Finka can revive teammates from distance, and even revive herself... and not talk about her weapon kit. 

She is strong, but how strong is she in the current meta? Let's find out in this Finka guide.

Finka's biography

Finka was born near Chernobyl, in Gomel, Belarus. Because of that, she grew up around people who suffered from birth defects. She also had an illness, and she decided early on to find a cure.

Because of that, she studied Cytology and Genetics at Novosibirsk State University, "graduating with a PhD in Molecular Biology," according to Ubisoft's biography. She stayed there studying and working on the research of treatments for various pathologies, including her own. 

According to Ubisoft's biography, "her research directly saved Spetsnaz operators from hazardous materials, resulting in an Order of Honour that opened her eyes to new possibilities." Later on, Finka joined the Army and became the Spetsnaz CBRN Specialist. 

Finka's loadout

Primary: Spear .308 Assault Rifle / 6P41 Light Machine Gun / SASG-12 Shotgun

Secondary: PMM Handgun / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadget: x2 Frag Grenades / x3 Stun Grenades

Finka's loadout is insane. She has up to three weapons to choose from as primary. The LMG might be the best option, considering its 100 bullets capacity per magazine. You can always bring the PMM as secondary — but the GONNE-6 is possibly the best option to clear defender utility. Nevertheless, frag grenades can do that job too. 

Overall, it really depends on how you want to play Finka. That's why she is such a fun operator right now, you can do many things with her while supporting your teammates.

Finka's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Finka is a multi-tasking operator. She can do absolutely everything. Finka can support her teammates with her boosters, as you just have to press a button to activate it. Meanwhile, you can drone your teammates or use your utility to clear defender gadgets. 

You can also use her as an entry operator. Her LMG won't run out of bullets easily, so that added to a Finka boost can help you and the team a lot. 

How to use Finka's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

First, you must understand what Finka's gadget is.

The Adrenal Surge boosts you and your teammates hp, while decreasing the recoil when shooting. This condition lasts for 10 seconds. With Finka having up to three charges, people uses these boosters during the final stage of the round, or just to have an advantage over defenders in certain situations such as cleaning roamers. 

Finka's boost can also revive attackers that are in a DBNO (Down But Not Out) state. 

Our advice is to use the Adrenal Surge wisely. Don't use them at the very beginning of the round and also don't use them when no gunfights are about to take place. Use the Adrenal Surge when your teammates need support or when you must push the site. 

Best counters to Finka

Finka has two clear counters: Smoke and Pulse. Smoke's gas canisters cause more damage to those attackers with Finka's boost activated.

A similar thing happens against Pulse. As the boost makes attackers' hearts beat faster, Pulse's cardiac sensor detects them from a longer distance compared to attackers without a boost.

Best Finka skins in Rainbow Six Siege

These are some of the best skins for Finka in Rainbow Six Siege. 


The Finka Calamity Bundle is inspired by a possible nuclear disaster. You can see that on her weapon, and the rat charm — a rat with two heads. You can purchase the bundle for 50,000 Renown or 1,200 R6 Credits. 

Esports Set

If you want to support the esports scene while playing Finka, you can do it! Finka has her own European League set, which can be acquired for 960 R6 Credits. 

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