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Rainbow Six Siege Osa operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Osa.

Osa is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who was introduced to the game with the launch of Operation Crystal Guard.

Osa is known for having two shields. She can use them to cover herself while standing behind them. She is very powerful as a support, flank-watcher, and in post-plant situations.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Osa guide to learn more about the Croatian operator!

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What is Osa's biography?

Osa's real name is Anja Katarina Jankovic and she was born in Split, Croatia. She was born into a family that worked in the toy industry. She traveled constantly, so she never felt stable until she moved in with her aunt at the age of six.

According to her Ubisoft biography, "she followed her passion for creation and technology and studied electromechanics at a vocational school, and then military engineering at the University of Zagreb where she excelled at robotics engineering."

Her "unique perspective" and her "raw creative ability" caught the eye of Kali, who was "in the country looking for recruits." That's how Osa joined Nighthaven.

According to her Ubisoft biography, "the company’s success can be largely credited to Osa’s inventions and her fieldwork. Her efficiency and the versatility of her arsenal have given them an edge in every recorded operation, and by proving herself to be a dedicated and reliable asset she earned the choice position of Nighthaven’s head of R&D."

What is the best Osa loadout?

Primary: 556XI Assault Rifle / PDW9 Submachine Gun

Secondary: PMM Handgun

Gadget: x2 Smoke Grenades / x2 Claymores / x2 Impact EMP Grenades

Osa's loadout is perfect for a support operator. Her two primary options are balanced and perfect for her role, with the 556XI being more conservative while the PDW9 is more aggressive due to its high fire rate.

However, what makes Osa a good support isn't her weapons but her gadgets. She is very versatile as she can adapt to almost any site. She can bring Smoke Grenades, Claymores, or even Impact EMPs.

So, if the team wants to focus on planting, Osa can support it with her smokes. If the team needs help with preventing possible run-outs and jump-outs, she can bring her Claymores. On the other hand, if the team needs someone to deal with Bandit's batteries or Kaid's Electroclaws, Osa can take her Impact EMPs. Overall, she is very useful in the current meta.

What is Osa's playstyle?

Osa's main roles in Rainbow Six Siege are flank-watching and support. Her shields provide her and her teammates with cover. She can also use them to protect herself while entering buildings. 

Osa combines her role of flank-watching with her drones, providing her teammates with priceless information. If she's used properly, Osa can be one of the best supports in the game.

Osa beginner's guide

Osa's gadget is the Talon-8 Clear Shield. Osa uses her two shields to get extra cover from defenders. 

You can always pick up the shields once deployed. You can also destroy them by triggering the red button on the bottom of the shield.

Osa's gadget is very useful when placed on windows or in spots close to the Bombsite. If properly placed, Osa's shields can give attackers a huge advantage in post-plant situations. 

A post-plant situation example is Clubhouse's CCTV/Cash. When the CCTV wall has been breached, Osa can place her shields to provide attackers with cover. These come in handy to protect the plant from being defused.

Another spot is Consulate's double window, which gives you a good sight of the Office and more. The options are infinite!

Moreover, starting with Operation Heavy Mettle, Fuze will be able to use Osa's shields to place his charges. This way, Fuze and Osa can partner to use the shield to destroy a great number of defensive gadgets!

How do I counter Osa?

Explosives are the best counter to Osa in Rainbow Six Siege. Impact Grenades and C4 will destroy the shield and, if you are lucky, deal damage or even kill the operator behind it.

It's difficult to counter Osa's shields with operator gadgets, but not impossible. Kapkan's traps can destroy her device with a strong enough explosion. 

On top of that, Thorn's gadget can be used to push Osa to move her shield, which will expose her torso.

What are the best Osa skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Osa in Rainbow Six Siege.

Empress Bundle

If you are a fan of Osa, you must get this bundle. The Empress Bundle gives you a weapon skin for all Osa's skins. It also includes a universal charm. Remember that these skins can also be used for other operators, such as Jackal, Thermite, or Kapkan, who share guns with Osa. 

Heroic 22

If you want to get an R6 Share skin for Osa, this may be your best option. For 700 R6 Credits, you will be able to represent Heroic in the game!

Osa Luminous Bundle

Osa has her own Christmas bundle. Her Luminous Bundle was available in the Rainbow Six Siege store until Jan. 6, the day when the time-limited event Snow Brawl concluded.

If you're looking for some extra tips, be sure to check out our Fuze guideKapkan guide, and Glaz guide.

Knights 2023

Recently, the LATAM League team Knights released a skin for Osa and Thermite. You can now get it on the shop for 720 R6 Credits. It also contains a universal operator card background!

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