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Fuze is buffed in Operation Heavy Mettle, will be able to use charges on deployable shields and more

Fuze is getting a buff in Operation Heavy Mettle.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s new season, Operation Heavy Mettle, has now been fully revealed! With Ubisoft’s announcement, all of the changes that will come to Rainbow Six Siege this month have been revealed.

Operation Heavy Mettle’s operator, Ram, has stolen the show. However, many operators will go through important gadget changes. Here’s a look at Fuze, who’s going to get a buff in the upcoming weeks.

Fuze is buffed in Operation Heavy Mettle

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As Operation Heavy Mettle is introducing new features and multiple changes to operators, now is the perfect time to have a look at them.

While updates to Grim and Frost were already announced on Ubisoft’s Roadmap update, Fuze’s changes are surprising. Starting with Operation Heavy Mettle, Fuze will be able to deploy his charges on Deployable Shields and Osa’s special shield.

With this change, Ubisoft expects to improve Fuze’s place in Rainbow Six Siege’s meta. This will create a new partnership as the Russian operator will be able to team up with Osa.

Is Fuze a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Unfortunately, Fuze isn’t a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Despite the explosiveness of his gadget, the Russian operator doesn’t fit the current meta.

First, Fuze is too slow. He’s a one-speed operator, which makes him sloppy and noisy. While it’s worth it taking other one-speed attackers like Sledge or Montagne, Fuze is too situational.

Second, Fuze’s gadget is clumsy. He exposes himself too much when he uses it. Although he has some good weapons, including the AK-12, that simply doesn’t make up for it.

Despite him not being the greatest operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Fuze can be used in the game.

How to use Fuze in Rainbow Six Siege?

Possibly Fuze’s best thing is his loadout, which is very versatile. You can play him slowly with his shield as an intel gatherer, you can use his gadget to destroy gadgets on the site, and many more strategies that Fuze can do. However, he needs communication and help with most of them.

Fuze’s charges can be used to destroy defensive devices like Kaid electroclaws, with Clubhouse’s Armory Bomb being the smartest example.

Moreover, his charges can be used on reinforced walls. If you do that, you will probably force defenders to switch positions, which can be used by Fuze’s teammates to get easy kills!

Finally, remember: Fuze’s charges leave a hole on Castle's barricades. You can use it as a melee hit on a wall, something the defenders may not expect!

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