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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Amaru

Amaru is a Peruvian operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Banner Image: Ubisoft

Amaru is a Peruvian Rainbow Six Siege attacker introduced with the release of Operation Ember Rise. She is quite different from any other attacker in the game, as Amaru's gadget allows her to climb hatches, zoom up to roofs, or enter the building through windows without rappeling first.

Despite Amaru's concept being unique, it is not always useful for attackers. Here's everything you need to know about her and how to use this operator in Siege.

Amaru's biography

Azucena Rocío "Amaru" Quispe was born in Perú. She began her career as an anthropologist whose objective was to preserve her country's cultural heritage.

According to Ubisoft's biography, "her unique familiar link to colonial explorers of the early 20th century gave her uncommon insight into both how voyages of discovery can shape cultural consciousness, and into the deep and abiding loss created when a shared cultural touchstone is lost."

She served for the Policía Nacional del Perú (PNP) before focusing on archaeological tasks. She turned to "guerrilla tactics" to protect cultural discoveries for the Peruvian State.

It was César "Goyo" Hernández who introduced her to Team Rainbow, as she had spent around 20 years in the jungle fighting against the cartels "on her own terms".

Amaru's loadout

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Primary: G8A1 Light Machine Gun / Supernova Shotgun

Secondary: SMG-11 Machine Pistol / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadget: 2 x Hard Breach Charge / 3 x Stun Grenade

Amaru is a versatile attacker and the main reason is her loadout. The biggest number of players will go for the G8A1 and the SMG-11, but the Supernova Shotgun can also be a very useful weapon.

Having two hard breaching charges as a secondary gadget makes Amaru a viable operator in some setups. Meanwhile, the combination of stuns and the GONNE-6 is perfect for utility-clearing tasks. As we usually say, such a versatile loadout allows you to pick depending on what tasks you want to fulfill.

Amaru's role in Rainbow Six Siege

As previously mentioned, it really depends on the loadout you choose and how you want to use her. Amaru's gadget makes her a perfect attacker for rushing, as she can shock defenders by getting into some sites within the first twenty seconds of the round.

Amaru's loadout also gives her a utility-clearing status, or even hard breaching, as her hard breaching charges can be used to open reinforced surfaces, especially reinforced hatches.

How to use Amaru's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Amaru's gadget is called the Garra Hook. She can get in windows or hatches with it, which can surprise defenders if properly used. Droning and building up a strategy around her during the preparation phase to rush within the early stages of a round can be a strong tactic to attack some sites.

In a normal situation, Amaru can use her Garra Hook to climb hatches or get into windows to move around the map freely like no other attacker can. With that in mind, you can catch roamers off guard.

Best counters to Amaru

There are two counters to Amaru: Castle and reinforcements. Amaru's Garra Hook might be a strong gadget, but it isn't strong enough to destroy reinforced hatches or castled windows. If you want to get in through a Castled window, you will have to destroy it first. Regarding reinforced hatches, there's nothing you can do -- unless a Hibana or an Ace help you first (although that's a bit pointless).

Best Amaru skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Amaru's presence in the store isn't the greatest. She has only one bundle to be purchased and no elite skin yet. However, that doesn't mean her skins aren't good-looking.

Amaru Explorer Bundle

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Amaru's only bundle is the Explorer Bundle. She is an archaeologist, so it fits her well. Includes various items and a weapon skin that can also be equipped in IQ's G8A1.

Fnatic 2021 G8A1

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Fnatic's skin for the G8A1 can also be equipped in Amaru's main weapon. If you are a fan of the APAC North roster, you can purchase this skin for just 300 R6 Credits.

Portal Gun

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This skin can be equipped in Mute's, Smoke's, and Amaru's SMG-11. In order to use this skin, you will have to purchase Smoke's Pickle Rick Bundle, which costs 2160 R6 Credits.

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