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Rainbow Six Siege Gridlock operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Gridlock.

Gridlock is an Australian operator who was released to Rainbow Six Siege on March 6, 2019, alongside the launch of Operation Burnt Horizon.

Gridlock often goes under the radar. Her position on Siege's meta is uncertain, as she has never fit the needs of the game. She is more seen as a wildcard and can upset defenders who aren't used to dealing with her ability.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Gridlock guide to find out more about this very underrated operator who can be a pain in any defender's neck when played well.

What is Gridlock's biography?

Gridlock's real name is Tori Tallyo Fairous and she was born in Longreach, Central Queensland, Australia.

Fairous was the eldest of five. During her childhood, she participated in robot championships while working with engines. She developed a connection with engines thanks to her father, who was a military aircraft mechanic.

She joined the Australian army reserves, and later on, she joined the Australian Defense Force. According to Ubisoft's biography, "Fairous also has expertise in a range of weapons, intelligence gathering and close protection duties, and has the ability to adapt to unexpected situations and remain calm in dangerous situations." Such skills made her an "essential recruit" into the SASR Mobility Platoon.

What is Gridlock's loadout?

Primary: F90 Assault Rifle / M249 SAW Light Machine Gun

Secondary: Super Shorty Shotgun / SDP 9MM Handgun / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadgets: x2 Smoke Grenade / x2 Fragmentation Grenade / x2 Impact EMP Grenade

Gridlock's loadout is very complete, as she has access to two primary weapons, three secondary weapons, and three gadgets.

We advice you to play with her secondary shotgun, as she can open hatches and play vertically with it.

Considering the strength of all of her gadgets, you will have to decide depending on how you want to play with Gridlock. As of now, the Australian operator has access to two fragmentation grenades, three smoke grenades, and two EMPs. But, which one is better?

Generally, we think that the fragmentation grenades are the better option. However, if you want to play a more support role, we think the smoke grenades may be your best ally. If you want to help the hard breacher at opening the reinforced walls, EMPs are the way to go!

What is Gridlock's playstyle?

Gridlock is a flank watcher and support in Rainbow Six Siege. She is used to opening hatches with her Super Shorty, which can also be used for vertical plays. Her Breaching Charges can make her job easier.

Gridlock is usually found rappelling next to windows, droning, or placing her Trax Stingers to make it difficult for roamers to flank the attackers.

Gridlock beginner's guide

Gridlock's gadget is the Trax Stinger. The Trax Stinger is a device that, when activated, deploys spikes that deliver damage when defenders step on them. If that wasn't enough, defenders are also slowed down by them. Gridlock has four canisters of Trax Stingers.

This is a very useful device, as the only way to get rid of Gridlock's trap is by shooting at each hexagon of spikes or by throwing an explosive at them. Both options will reveal the defender's position, as the noise of the bullets or the explosion will alert the attackers.

That puts the defender in a situation where they have to choose between revealing their position or taking an alternative route to the site, which will force the defender to lose time.

Trax Stingers must be placed on stairs or on corridors that defenders are expected to use during the round. Gridlock is very powerful on maps like Bank, Kafe, or Consulate.

How do I counter Gridlock?

It's very easy to counter Gridlock. As we previously mentioned, Gridlock can be countered by shooting at the Trax Stingers, or by simply making them explode with a C4 or Impact Grenades. However, that will reveal the defender's position.

What are the best Gridlock skins?

Here are some of the best skins that you can get for Gridlock.

Gridlock Frosty Bundle

This is the only Bundle that you can purchase for Gridlock. It includes headgear, a uniform, and two gun skins. You can purchase it with Renown or with R6 Credits.

F90 Cosmetics

You can also have a look at the skins for the F90 or the M249 SAW. All of them can be purchased with Renown or R6 Credits, so you have plenty of options!

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