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What is an entry fragger in Rainbow Six Siege?

Here is how to be an entry fragger in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege has gained popularity in the FPS community for its intense strategy. It's seen as a more complex game than Call of Duty, with a variety of roles for players to learn. 

In Rainbow Six Siege, it's about more than attacking and defending. There are even more specific roles that need to be mastered by competitive players. One of those roles is the entry fragger, a teammate who engages defenders to gain map control. 

Here is everything you need to know about being an entry fragger in Rainbow Six Siege.

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What is an entry fragger in Rainbow Six Siege?

Entry fraggers are focused on racking up eliminations. Entry fraggers pick operators that have abilities for engaging the enemy team. You'll often find entry fraggers picking off roamers, clearing the way for the rest of their team on the way to the objective. 

Teams want an entry fragger on the squad to help take control of areas on the map. When an entry fragger is on your team, enemy defenders have limited options for rotations and flanks as they attempt to deal with this aggressor. The operators in this category have an abundance of firepower and abilities that help your team control the action. 

Rainbow Six Siege entry fragger operators

Looking to pick up the entry fragger role? Here are some of the operators to consider if you want to excel at dominating the map and leading your team to victory. 


Ash has been seen as the top choice for enemy fraggers since Rainbow Six Siege dropped in 2015. She is fast, powerful, and focused on destruction. Breaching Round allows Ash to open up entry points from afar, keeping her safe from the enemy while clearing a path for her squad to easily push. She is the only operator with the ability to breach a ceiling, opening up even more options. 


Buck can be a bit of a wild card but there is no denying this operator's immense power. Using his C8 shotgun, Buck deals a crazy amount of damage when he gets up close to the enemy. He can easily approach unaware enemies by using his Skeleton Key, which allows him to create new openings that other operators can't fathom. Buck players should have extensive map knowledge so they can better utilize his ability and take enemies by surprise. 


Zofia doesn't only reveal the enemy to her team — she heavily impairs them. She comes equipped with the KS79 Lifeline, which fires both concussion and impact ammunition, with the concussion ammunition disorienting enemies it hits. This, along with her high damage M762, allows Zofia to boldly enter rooms and chase down the enemy team. 


If you're looking to chase enemies down, Jackal is your operator. He can scan footsteps, allowing him to easily hunt down roamers. Jackal can see if a roamer is present or not as well as see where they went. This ability makes Jackal a powerful option for entry fraggers that want to eliminate enemies and make way for a push. 


Sledge is an expert at destroying soft walls and floors, easily making new paths for his teammate. With help from the Caber, Sledge can create new lines of fire or aggressive entry points. Meanwhile, Sledge harasses enemies with his frag grenade, keeping enemies back as he leads his team forward. 


IQ makes it hard for the enemy by disrupting many of their plans. Leading her team forward, IQ clears away enemy gadgets with her Suppressor. Enemies won't be notified of incoming bullets, allowing IQ to take out gadgets without disruption. With the enemy team left unaware, IQ clears paths and allows for a stealthy charge. 


Able to disable enemy utility and gather intel for her team, Twitch is known as a versatile player that can easily be an aggressive entry fragger. Her SD MODEL 1 SHOCK DRONE disables enemy gadgets from afar. But what really makes Twitch shine is her weapon: The F2 is seen as one of the top weapons in the game, making Twitch very dangerous once she gets up to the enemy. 


This operator is all about map control thanks to her Garra hook, which allows her to take the objective extremely aggressively. She can surprise defenders by attacking from places the enemies would never expect that early. 


Blitz is known to excel at 1v1 close-range combat. With help from his ballistic shield, Blitz can close the gap on an enemy, isolate them, and wipe them out before they can even react. Blitz can have some trouble when he is in an area with multiple angles so Blitz players have to really learn the best routes to take on each map when using this aggressive entry fragger. 


Nomad is a great entry fragger thanks to her Airjab repulsion grenades. These gadgets push operators back a small distance, knowing them down for a few seconds. Destructible walls will also be broken by operators that are pushed into them, meaning extra fall damage. This makes Nomad great for clearing the way and fighting off flankers. 


This quick operator is all about creating unexpected new paths for his team and introducing them to unusual angles that catch enemies off guard. Along with his torch, Maverick has an impactful weapon, the M4, that allows him to quickly make work of unaware enemies before they can react. 


Nothing says "entry fragger" quite like flashing an entire room. Her Candelas are timed explosives that can be thrown or anchored onto a deployable surface, creating seven flash charges in a targeted area. When enemies are blinded, Ying can lead her team forward, pushing aggressively toward the objective while picking off enemies on the way. 

How do I improve at entry fragging in Rainbow Six Siege?

If you're looking to become a top-notch entry fragger, you need a good balance of mechanical skills and in-game knowledge. 

Learn how to use drones as effectively as possible, gaining useful intel before charging forward. Top entry fraggers follow a pattern of droning, clearing, droning, then clearing. 

But you can't clear without knowing proper angles and improving aim. Practice your aim as often as you can and try to learn the proper angles of each map. The goal is to one-tap enemies instead of spraying when you enter a room. 

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