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Rainbow Six Siege Blitz operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Blitz.

Blitz is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who arrived alongside the game's release all the way back in Dec. 2015.

Lion, Blackbeard, Ela, and even Finka. What do these operators have in common? Well, they've all terrorized the Rainbow Six Siege community at some point during the game's life. However, Blitz may be the worst operator to deal with. As soon as you hear his footsteps, it's already over.

Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Blitz guide to learn more about the German operator.

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What is Blitz's biography?

Blitz's real name is Elias Kötz and he was born in Bremen, Germany. According to Ubisoft's biography, "Kötz is a graduate of Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, an elite academy specializing in science and language studies. Throughout his education, Kötz excelled both academically and athletically."

Kötz excelled in languages and his physical traits were imposing. His "tactical experience" makes him a very valuable asset for Team Rainbow. 

According to his Ubisoft biography, "He easily transitioned from a Schnelle Kräfte soldier in Kosovo to a member of GSG 9. Kötz has been integral to fostering training practices and goodwill between India’s National Security Guard and GSG 9."

Blitz's loadout

Primary: G52-Tactical Shield

Secondary: P12 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Smoke Grenades / x3 Breaching Charges

Blitz's loadout is limited as players can only decide the gadget to equip with the operator -- primary and secondary weapons will always be the same. Gadget-wise, players often pick Blitz's Smoke Grenades, although the Breaching Charges can come in handy when playing in maps such as Consulate or Kafe.

Blitz's loadout puts him in a very good position when being on a short-distance gunfight. Thanks to his gadget, the German operator is always a nightmare for the defenders.

Keep in mind that Blitz can also be played slowly, using his shield as a gadget to gather information while also using his smoke grenades to plant. 

Blitz's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Blitz is a situational operator and it's used for rushes. Professional players use the German operator when rushing sites like Oregon's or Bank's basements.

For obvious reasons, Blitz isn't an entry-fragger. However, it can be used for intel-gathering tasks. His spot in today's meta is very uncertain and players often choose him as a wildcard to upset the defenders.

How to use Blitz's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege?

Blitz's gadget is the Flash Shield. This shield can flash defenders, making them blind for a brief period of time. It gives a huge advantage to Blitz, as the defenders can't hit the bullets to the attacker.

Blitz's gadget can be used to flash the defenders and to get easy melee kills. However, to do that, Blitz must get close to the enemy first. His two-speed gives him the ability to run at the defenders, so you can use that in your favor.

The German operator is often used in very aggressive plays, including rushes to site. He often is combined with Ying and Dokkaebi to put the defenders in a very difficult spot. Plays with Blitz are very common on maps like Oregon and Clash, so you better watch out!

Blitz can also play more passively as he can use his shield as an intel-gathering tool, giving his teammates information about where the defenders are holding angles from. Combining his shield with the yellow pings is, sometimes, the winning formula. His Smoke Grenades can also be very useful when trying to plant.

How to counter Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege?

Countering Blitz is easy. Having the right tools to fight him back is essential to prevent a quick and unpleasant death.

Warden is Blitz's main counter. His special glasses protect him from Blitz's Flash Shield. Once activated, Blitz's flash will not blind Warden. 

Mute's Signal Disrupter will prevent Blitz from using his Flash Shield. However, this counter is very situational, as Mute has only four Signal Disrupters and it's very difficult to use them to protect players from Blitz's flash.

Solis' gadget can detect Blitz's shield everytime he uses it. This can put you in a good position against the German operator, as it gives you time to hide and attack him from behind. Moreover, Solis has Impact Grenades!

Explosives can also be used to counter Blitz. Although his shield can protect him and can lower the damage taken by impact grenades and C4s, these gadgets are better than just shooting helplessly.

Other counters include trap operators like Kapkan, Lesion, and Frost. Due to his shield, it's very difficult to stop Blitz. However, traps will slow him down, and even kill him if you are lucky.

Tubarão can also be used to counter Blitz, as his Zoto Canisters disable the flash from his shield for 12 seconds.

Best Blitz skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege.


Blitz's Elite Bundle is the Panzerstärke. Just like a Panzer, Blitz will run at you and make things quick. You can purchase it for 1,800 R6 Credits.

Blitz Bremen Bundle

Blitz's Bremen Bundle is the only one that can be purchased with R6 Credits or Renown.

Unluckily, these are the only two bundles for Blitz, so if you want to customize the German operator you will have to choose between these two options.

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