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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Frost

Frost is a trap operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

When we think of traps in Rainbow Six Siege, Kapkan quickly comes up to mind. Well, that's understandable — he was the first trap operator in the game, his booby traps are part of the game's story. 

However, Frost was the second trap operator launched in Siege. Let's have a look at her gadget, her weapons, and how to use them to get the best out of the Canadian operator.

Frost biography

Tina Lin Tsang joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) on her eighteenth birthday. She graduated top of her class at the Military College of Canada (RMC).  According to Ubisoft's biography, "she served on the primary Search and Rescue team covering BC and the Yukon Territory" at CFB Esquimalt. 

According to Ubisoft's biography, the Welcome Mat has a "portable design (that) allows for discreet deployment in a variety of areas and environments."

Frost's loadout

Primary: Super 90 Shotgun / 9mm C1 Submachine Gun

Secondary: Mk19mm Handgun / ITA12S Shotgun

Gadget: Bulletproof Camera / Deployable Shield

Frost has never been a meta operator for various reasons. But with her loadout and the current needs on the defending side, she is close to it. She can bring a shotgun to make rotations and create new angles of sight, and she can also bring a shield. These two are very welcomed in any defending scheme. 

That being said, players usually go for the 9mm C1 as a primary weapon. Nevertheless, the Super 90 is a historical weapon in the game due to its power, especially when Frost was first introduced in the game. Our advice is that you go for the 9mm C1, ITA12S, and Deployable Shield combination. 

Frost's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Frost doesn't have a clear role in the game. She is a trap operator, with two-speed and two-health. She doesn't have gadgets that fit in the roamer profile, but she also doesn't have gadgets that fit in the anchor position (such as a C4).

We would say Frost is a flex operator and can be used for any task needed, and her importance is felt during the preparation phase: opening walls, rotations, and focusing on her special gadget... the Welcome Mat.

How to use Frost's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Her gadget is the Welcome Mat. We are talking about a mechanical trap that could be used for bears or other big animals.  A misstep and you are done. 

Stepping over the trap will automatically put you in a DBNO (Down But Not Out) state. Another attacker will have to come and revive you, as Finka's boosters won't do the job here. Once someone rescues you, you will have 20 hp. 

Although it might look easy to play as Frost, it isn't an easy task if you want to do it properly. Welcome Mats are quite big, so you must put them in hidden places such as corners or below windows. 

You can also place the Welcome Mats in dark places so these can blend with the surroundings. Although this might not be the best example, Club's freezer can actually be a good spot — very few people would expect a Frost trap there.

It is also very difficult to hide from drones during the preparation phase while helping your teammates, but trying to be undetected while playing Frost is a good idea too. If attackers don't expect a Frost, the chances of them falling into a trap increase. 

Best counters to Frost

There are no specific counters to Frost. Everyone can counter Frost. Welcome Mats are destroyed by shooting three times at them, so any operator with a gun can destroy Frost's gadget — this includes everyone, obviously. 

If you ever wondered why players shoot the floor when vaulting a window, they are just being cautious. Shooting will eventually destroy any possible unwanted surprise, including the Welcome Mat.

Best Frost skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Frost has many good bundles and skins as she was introduced in the game in early 2016. Let's have a look at some of them.


Frost's elite bundle is one of the best in the game. You can see her full face and includes a very cool victory celebration showing her next to a bonfire. 

Frost Bundle

Yes, you are not dreaming. You can purchase Frost's Black Ice Skin for the Super 90. The price is 960 R6 Credits and also includes the headgear. If you always wanted to have a Black Ice skin in your hands but never had the luck to pack one in an alpha pack, this one is probably a must. 

Frost Protector Bundle

Frost's Protector Bundle looks really clean, combining grey, yellow, and dark shades. It also includes various items, so it is a very good deal. 

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