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Rainbow Six Siege new operator: Tubarão

Meet Tubarão, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege new operator!

Tubarão is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 35th defender. He's from Portugal and will be playable later this month with the arrival of Operation Deep Freeze, which will also include a new map, Lair.

The Portuguese defender is a two-speed, two-health operator, which makes him extremely versatile. His unique ability is the Zoro Canister, a device that can stop hard breachers from opening reinforced hatches and walls.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Rainbow Six Siege's newest operator, Tubarão!

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Tubarão's loadout

Tubarão's loadout includes the MPX Submachine Gun and the AR-15.50 Assault Rifle as primary weapons, while his only secondary option is the P226 MK 25 Hand Gun. In terms of gadgets, he has access to one C4 or two Proximity Alarms.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn't added any new guns to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Deep Freeze. Tubarão's weapons and gadgets can be found in other operator profiles, with Warden and Valkyrie having access to the MPX, Maverick to the AR-15.50, and Thatcher to the P226 MK 25.

Overall, we think that Tubarão's loadout is great. While Tubarão has access to a 1.5x scope for his AR-15.50, he can't use it in his MPX. We expect players to use the MPX when roaming and the AR-15.50 to play as an anchor.

Gadget-wise, we think the players' favorite will be the C4, which can be combined with his unique device, the Zoto Canister.

Tubarão's Zoto Canister

Tubarão's gadget is the Zoto Canister. He can throw the gadget, which will activate once it's attached to a wall, the ceiling, or the floor. The Portuguese defender has four Zoto Canisters, whose effects last for 12 seconds.

The Zoto Canister's main function is to freeze reinforced walls and hatches. The gadget can cover up to two reinforced walls at the same time, which can come in handy on maps like Consulate (Garage), Clubhouse (CCTV, Jacuzzi Walls), or Chalet (Garage).

Tubarão's device can be combined with Bandit, Kaid, and Mute. The Portuguese defender can make their job easier, as protecting key reinforced walls will become easier.

At the same time, due to the gadget being throwable, it can also be used to protect reinforced hatches. Keep in mind that time is gold in Rainbow Six Siege. Using all of his four canisters to prevent the attackers from opening a reinforced wall can steal 48 seconds from the attackers' hands!

The Zoro Canister has other functions, though. Tubarão can use his device to slow down the attackers under the effects of the gadget.

At the same time, the footsteps of the attackers who walk on the iced surface will be seen by the defenders on the floor below. Tubarão can use this to his advantage, as he also has a C4. Plain and simple, he can use his ability to spot attackers on the floor above and throw his C4 to get an easy kill from a safe distance!

Tubarão's role in Rainbow Six Siege

To get the most out of the Zoto Canisters, Tubarão must play close to the Bombsite. Due to this reason, we don't expect players to use the Portuguese operator as a roamer.

We expect Tubarão to become a flex or an anchor in Rainbow Six Siege, whose two-speed trait will allow him to perform late-round flanks.

How to counter Tubarão?

Tubarão will be a pain in everyone's neck. The Portuguese defender can't be countered from a distance, as the only real counter to his device is shooting at it.

Tubarão's only real counter is Twitch's drones, which can be used to pop the Zoto Canister. However, unlike Goyo's Canister, whose gadget is triggered by shooting at it, the Zoto Canisters are triggered once they are deployed. This means that Twitch can use her drones to get rid of the effects before the 12-second mark.

Is Tubarão a good operator?

We expect Tubarão to take over Operation Deep Freeze due to the versatility of the Zoto Canister. Moreover, Tubarão has access to a C4, which is one of the community's favorite gadgets.

However, when it comes to the esports scene, we don't expect Tubarão to be as present as other operators. It will take some time for professional players to start introducing Tubarão to their rosters regularly.

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