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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Mute

Mute is a Rainbow Six Siege defender.

In Rainbow Six Siege, information is key. Having a camera or a drone is essential to know the strengths and the weaknesses of your enemies. What operators are they bringing? What gadgets? Where are they coming from?

These, and many more questions, can be easily answered with information.

Since the introduction of the yellow ping, the importance of both cameras and drones is even bigger. Good drone play is equally, if not more important, than good aim. 

Now, imagine if we told you there's an operator that can jam drones. 

Meet Mute, a Rainbow Six Siege defender who's part of the S.A.S.

Mute's biography

Mute's real name is Mark R. Chandar and he was born in York, England.

According to Ubisoft's official biography, "an exceptional and well-rounded student, Chandar was one of the youngest accepted into the University of Cambridge. He majored in electronics and computer engineering, completing an internship at a prestigious tech company where he contributed to the design and function of security system prototypes".

After having caught the attention of the Government Communications Headquarters, he became a part of the SIGINT unit. Chandar also speaks Korean.

Mute's loadout

Primary: MP5K Submachine Gun / M590A1 Shotgun

Secondary: P226 MK 25 Handgun / SMG-11 Machine Pistol

Gadgets: 1 x C4 / 1 x Bulletproof Camera

Mute's loadout is one of the best in the game, especially on defense. Just like Smoke, Mute's loadout is very versatile. You can play aggressively by equipping the MP5K and the SMG-11, or you can play as an anchor with the M590A1 Shotgun.

Usually, players go for the anchor option as Mute's shotgun is one of the best in the game, if not the best. It's also perfect to build new angles of sight and rotations. He also has access to a C4, which can change the course of the round, or a Bulletproof Camera.

Mute's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Mute is usually played as an anchor or as a flex operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Mute's C4 is a priceless piece of utility, especially at the end of the round, when attackers focus on planting the defuser. On top of that, his loadout makes him a very good operator not just to create rotations and open new lines of sight, but also in close-distance gunfights. 

How to use Mute's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege?

Mute's gadget is the Signal Disruptor. His gadget can jam any attacking electronic device, including drones. Mute brings a total of four Signal Disruptors to the battlefield.

Mute is a headache for every attacker. Placing the Signal Disruptor next to drone holes and doors makes it very difficult for attackers to drone around the map. Sloppy droning makes it even harder for attackers to properly clean roamers. Attackers must take more time and more utility to correctly drone the site or the rooms of the map.

On top of that, when a drone is jammed, the attacker loses control of it and the camera is completely blurred. In other words, the drone is useless, and the attacker can only hope for the Signal Disruptor to be destroyed to regain control of it. Keep in mind that attackers can always pick up jammed drones.

Mute's Signal Disruptor can be combined with Mozzie's spiders to make droning even harder for attackers.

Meanwhile, Mute's Signal Disruptor can also be used to jam reinforced walls. However, its effectiveness was reduced with the changes released alongside Operation Brutal Swarm. Now, Mute's Signal Disruptor effect isn't as powerful as before, making Bandit and Kaid the best options to protect reinforced hatches and walls.

To protect reinforced walls with Mute's gadget, you should place two in front of each wall. While this is not the most efficient method to prevent attackers from hard breaching, it does the job when Bandit or Kaid are banned.

Mute's Signal Disruptor can also jam abilities like Jackal or Blitz's. While his gadget may not be very strong against casual players, competitive players use it a lot to give the attackers a hard time.

Does Mute have a counter?

Mute's Signal Disruptors aren't bulletproof, so they can be destroyed by any operator. However, some attackers have other ways to get rid of them.

Twitch's special drones can destroy them from a safe distance, as long as the Signal Disruptor doesn't intercept them first.

Thatcher's EMPs can disable Mute's Signal Disruptors for a short time. 

IQ's Electronics Detector can spot Mute's Signal Disruptors from a safe distance. If the surface is soft, she can shoot the Signal Disruptor through it.

Maverick's blow torch can't be jammed by the Signal Disruptor, so it's easy to open a hole in a reinforced wall to get rid of Mute's device.

Best Mute skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Mute in Rainbow Six Siege.

F Squadron

Mute's Elite Bundle is the F Squadron and it currently has a cost of 1,800 R6 Credits. Sadly, it can't be purchased with Renown.

NAVI Full Kit '22

Natus Vincere chose Mute as the team's mascot heading to the 2022 season. It includes special cosmetics for each one of his guns, a uniform, a headgear, and an operator card background inspired by the Ukrainian organization.

Team Secret 2021

Last but not least, Team Secret's skin for the M590A1 is also a cosmetic to consider. This skin emulates the popular Black Ice and can be purchased for 270 R6 Credits only.

7,560 Rainbow Credits on PC

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