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When will Ubisoft release Operation Deep Freeze?

Operation Deep Freeze is around the corner!

The Rainbow Six Siege community is already thrilled with the new season, which will be called Operation Deep Freeze. With its arrival later this month, Operation Heavy Mettle will conclude.

But, when is Operation Deep Freeze coming to Rainbow Six Siege? Here's what you need to know about the arrival of the game's upcoming operation.

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When will Operation Deep Freeze be announced?

Operation Deep Freeze will be announced on November 12, during the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta Finals.

Operation Deep Freeze will be Rainbow Six Siege's fourth season for Year 8. It will include multiple new features that will change the game as we know it, including a new operator, a new map, and more!

When will Operation Deep Freeze be released?

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn't unveiled Operation Deep Freeze's date yet. However, considering that Operation Deep Freeze will be announced on November 12, we expect the season to go live two weeks after the deployment of the Test Server.

Plain and simple, we think that Operation Deep Freeze will arrive to Rainbow Six Siege at some point during the final week of November.

Who's the new operator in Operation Deep Freeze?

Although we know when will Operation Deep Freeze be announced, we still don't know much about the new operator.

According to recent media released by Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Deep Freeze will include a Portuguese defender whose gadget will be able to freeze parts of the map. Unfortunately, we don't know what effect will have the gadget.

What else is coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Deep Freeze?

Alongside the new operator and the new map, Lair, Rainbow Six Siege will get an AI Playlist. Players will be able to use this new game mode to practise their skills as well as test gadgets and weapon attachments.

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