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Proximity Alarm

What is a Proximity Alarm in Rainbow Six Siege?

The Proximity Alarm is a secondary gadget in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced to the game with the release of Operation Steel Wave.

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Proximity Alarm

The Proximity Alarm is a secondary gadget for defenders. It beeps when an enemy enters its 3 meters radius. Its sound reveals the position of the enemy without pinging it. Meanwhile, a HUD icon will appear for attackers to make it easier for them to realize that they have triggered a Proximity Alarm.

Proximity Alarm - Operators

As we approach the end of Operation Commanding Force, the following operators can be equipped with two Proximity Alarms:

Sometimes it's hard to bring the Proximity Alarm, especially with operators like Goyo or Mira, who also have a C4, or Wamai, who also has Impact Grenades. However, operators like Rook or Oryx are often seen with Proximity Alarms.

Proximity Alarm - Counters

The Proximity Alarm is very easy to counter. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Proximity Alarms aren't bulletproof, which means players can destroy them with a single bullet.

However, several operators can counter Proximity Alarms with their gadgets.


Twitch's Shock Drone is the perfect counter for the Proximity Alarm. The French operator can destroy Proximity Alarm from a safe distance.


Flores' explosive drone is a great solution, but it's far from perfect against Proximity Alarms. If the Proximity Alarm isn't on the ground, Flores may have problems trying to destroy it.


Operation Commanding Force's new operator, Brava, can work perfectly against Proximity Alarms.

Brava's ability allows her to hack defensive gadgets, which include the Proximity Alarms. If she hacks it, the Proximity Alarm will be triggered by defenders!

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