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Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force: New operator Brava, reload rework, increased tactical focus coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Commanding Force is here!

With the end of Year 7 almost here, Ubisoft today announced all the details about the upcoming season:  Year 8 Season 1 Operation Commanding Force.

Operation Commanding Force will include multiple new features, including a new operator, a new anti-cheat for console players, and game balancing updates.

Here is all you need to know about it.

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Brava is Siege's newest operator

It's time to welcome Brava to Rainbow Six Siege! She will be part of the Viperstrike squad, which will be led by Hibana.

Brava is a Brazilian operator who will be an attacker. She will be equipped with Capitão's PARA-308 and Buck's CAMRS as her primary weapons. Her secondary options include the Super Shorty and the USP40 Handgun. Finally, she will be able choose between bringing two smoke grenades or two claymores.

If we had to quickly define Brava, we would say she's some a powerful mix of Twitch and Mozzie. Brava's special ability is the Kludge Drone, a device that can hack defending gadgets. This includes anything from information tools like Valkyrie or Maestro cameras, to traps, like Lesion mines or Kapkan EDDs. In the case of Bandit's batteries or Kaid's electroclaws, she just destroys them.

Brava is a counter to any defensive gadget in the game, and Mozzie and Mute are the only operators capable of stopping her drones. However, as Kludge Drones aren't bulletproof, any operator can destroy them.

For more information about Rainbow Six Siege's newest operation, check out our guide about Brava!

Siege's newest anti-cheat, MouseTrap

MouseTrap is Rainbow Six Siege's newest anti-cheat and will come in the mid-season update of Operation Commanding Force.

Ubisoft have developed this new tool to limit Rainbow Six Siege's mouse and keyboard advantage against controller players.

Nowadays, most of the players in high ranks in Rainbow Six Siege's console game are mouse and keyboard players. Mouse and keyboard, also referred to as MnK, gives a huge advantage to players when playing Siege. Aiming with a mouse is easier and faster than aiming with a controler, which is why controler players struggle so much when facing MnK players.

With MouseTrap, this will no longer be a problem.

MouseTrap will add gradually-worsening input lag to external devices, including mouse and keyboard. This means that mouse and keyboard players will move their mouse as usual, but the weapon will go slower. In conclusion, with MouseTrap in the game, playing mouse and keyboard won't give you any advantage.

To remove the input lag penalty, any offending players will just have to unplug their mouse and keyboard and return to playing with controller. They don't even have to leave the match!

Check out our article about Siege's newest anti-cheat, MouseTrap, for more information!

Reputation penalty update

Ubisoft takes toxicity very seriously. To stop toxic behaviours, Rainbow Six Siege is now focusing on its voice chat.

Players often use the voice chat to express their frustration. It just takes one bad decision or losing a gun fight to trigger somebody. For those aggressive people, voice chat is the perfect tool for abuse, so Ubisoft are releasing a new update regarding reputation penalties.

To stop players from acting like that, Rainbow Six Siege will implement a penalty that mutes every player who has used the voice chat in an abusive manner. While they will be still able to use voice chat features, only players who decide to unmute them will be able to hear what they say.

Reload rework

Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a rework for reloading! 

Before Operation Commanding Force, players could interrupt the reloading animation to continue shooting with the remainder of the bullets in the magazine -- even if the animation showed the magazine being removed. This helped players to defend themselves when an enemy popped up and surprised them while reloading.

That won't be a thing from Operation Commanding Force and beyond. From now on, players will only be able to shoot one bullet while reloading (if there is one chambered), or even zero in certain weapons, like some of the LMGs.

Check out our Rainbow Six Siege Reload Rework article for more information!

Zero Update

Zero's ability is getting an update! From now on, when shooting one of Zero's cameras, the camera will not automatically burrow into both panels of the wall it is shot at. Instead, the player will have to manually tap a button to burrow the camera into the second panel of the wall to get a view of the other side

His teammates will also continue to be able to flip the side of where the camera is facing after it has burrowed through both panels, but they will not be able to burrow it into the second panel of the wall if the Zero dies before doing that himself.

New Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass is dropping with Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season Operation Commanding Force!

From Feb. 20 to Mar. 20, players will be able to purchase the limited-time Year 8 pass for $30. It will unlock each one of the four seasonal passes, a 14-day early access to new Operators when they are added to the game, exclusive weapon skins, and a 10% discount on the game's shop.

For $60, players will be able to unlock the Premium Year pass, which includes everything listed above, plus 20 extra Battle Pass tokens every season.

The new Battle Pass will include a new feature, called Bravo Pack Ticket. If you have already completed all 100 Battle Pass tiers, you will get a free choice of selecting any cosmetic from any Bravo Pack with each Bravo Pack ticket.

New playlist names

Playlist names will be consolidated into three playlists for the future:

  • Competitive (currently known as Ranked)
  • Quick Play (with the two following playlists inside)
    • Quick Play
    • Team Deathmatch
  • Training (currently known as Training Grounds)

Cross-boot between TS and main game

You will soon also be able to cross-boot between the Test Server and the main game.

All you will need to do is go in game and click on the Test Server button, which will automatically close the main game and launch the Test Server for you -- no need to go through any long and drawn out process!


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