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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Mira

Mira changed the meta when she joined Team Rainbow.

Everything changed in Operation Velvet Shell with the introduction of Mira. Her bulletproof, one-way view Black Mirrors were a new concept in the game. 

Now, Mira is not as impactful as before. Since the introduction of operator bans in both professional competitions and Siege game modes, players have learned to not rely on Mira's utility. Moreover, her Black Mirrors have experienced some small tweaks and can now be broken more easily. 

However, she is still well-rated and one of the best defender operators. 

Mira's biography

Elena María Alvarez grew up in her father's auto repair shop, according to Ubisoft's biography. That made her being into machinery from an early age. She decided to study "mechanical engineering and metallurgy at university."

Later on, she joined the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía following her "strong sense of justice and obligation to serve." She then mixed her knowledge with experience and decided to work on bulletproof materials as she thought that "there was a need for better equipment." 

Mira was hired as Rainbow's Director of Research and Development first. Later on, she was also added to the "combat roster", according to Ubisoft's biography. Her new equipment and other developments have helped a tone since being introduced on the battlefield. 

Mira's loadout

Primary: Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun / ITA12L Shotgun

Secondary: USP40 Handgun / ITA12S Shotgun

Gadget: x2 Proximity Alarm / C4

Mira's loadout is possibly one of the most defined in the game. She has four guns overall, but the majority of players use the Vector .45 ACP as primary, the ITA12S as secondary, and the C4 as a gadget. 

While the Vector is a very good weapon in short-middle distance gunfights, the shotgun is an essential tool for every anchor. Such two guns make her a very good operator in her role. 

Not only that, but she has a C4 to cancel plants and get kills from a safe distance. Considering that she is safe behind her Black Mirror, she can have a look through it and throw the C4 if an attacker gets near to it or starts planting. This is a real game-changer. 

Mira's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Mira is an anchor. She is a three-health, one-speed operator, which makes her almost useless as a roamer. The gadgets mentioned before are also pretty much focused on anchor-flexing tasks. 

However, what really makes Mira an anchor are her two Black Mirrors. She is usually seen behind one of them for the entirety of the round. Her task is simple: make attackers lose time from behind the mirror, obstructing their way into the site. 

How to use Mira's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Mira's Black Window can win you a round if properly used. You can place Mira's windows in both reinforced and non-reinforced walls. Depending on the site, one might more appealing than the other. 

For example, Bank's basement. Mira's players usually reinforce the wall before placing the window, so attackers can't shoot your legs.

On the other hand, Penthouse is an example of windows on non-reinforced walls.  Sometimes, players deploy windows and destroy the non-reinforced surface over it so they can throw C4's or other utility behind the wall. However, doing that exposes your feet, as the wall isn't reinforced. 

There are some walls where you can combine the best from both strats. When reinforcing Clubhouse's army wall, if you watch carefully you will notice that the reinforcement doesn't reinforce the entirety of the wall. You can use that to your advantage, as you can throw C4's or other utility from there as well. However, it is difficult to master the movement. 

Best counters to Mira

In Siege, strong gadgets are usually followed by many counters. Well, Mira is no exception. Twitch is Mira's worst nightmare, as her special drones can pop Mira's windows. 

Any hard breacher can destroy Mira's windows, including Ace, Thermite, Hibana, and Maverick. Mira can protect her windows against them with the help of Mute, Bandit, or Kaid, which will prevent hard breachers from opening the wall where the window stands. 

If the window is deployed in a non-reinforced wall, any explosion will destroy it — grenades, or projectile launcher operators like Zofia or Ash

However, it gets even easier if you are just next to the Black Window. Recently, Mira's windows were nerfed so operators — both defenders and attackers — can crack the glass by meleeing the window. This won't destroy the window but will make it impossible to see through from any of the sides. It does the trick. 

Oh, and don't forget, any operator can open Mira's window by shooting at the red zone. Doing that will trigger the device and open the window. 

Best Mira skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Mira has some of the best skins in the game. We have put some together, up to you to decide if these are good enough to be on the list!


Mira's Inspiración bundle is her elite set, which can be acquired for 1800 R6 Credits. Just as the rest of the elite skins, this bundle includes a headgear, a uniform, a victory celebration, various weapon skins, a charm, and a special operator card background. 

Elevate 2021

An anime girl on a Siege weapon you said? That's a reality in the game's pilot program, as Elevate's 2021 skin for the Vector .45 ACP is just that. The skin is completely different from what we are used to seeing in Siege, including bright colors and, well, the anime girl. 


Mira's screech is another weapon skin for the vector. If you are more into classic Siege skins, you will probably prefer this one. The golden colors and the eagle design make this weapon look astonishing. 

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