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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Castle

Are you ready to defend with Castle?

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Castle is a Rainbow Six Siege defender with the name of Miles Campbell and has been in the game since launch.

Castle is a very important operator. His gadget and his loadout are essential in most defense strategies in the current meta, hence why mastering him is crucial.

Castle's biography

According to Ubisoft's official biography, "Miles Campbell graduated from Cal State LA with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD".

There, Campbell excelled in "tactical support and high-risk incidents". Due to his skills, he was made a Captain early on.

One of his main motivations was his team's safety, which was the reason why he focused on reinforcement techniques and equipment. He was transferred to the FBI as a field agent where he trained in Germany with German Federal Police.

He was then recruited to the FBI SWAT team and has since worked alongside the SAS, the GIGN, and the GSG-9.

Castle's loadout

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Primary: UMP45 Submachine Gun / M1014 Shotgun

Secondary: 5.7 USG Handgun / Super Shorty Shotgun / M45 MEUSOC

Gadgets: 1 x Bulletproof Camera / 2 x Proximity Alarm

Castle's loadout is one of the most complete loadouts in Rainbow Six Siege. He has access to two different shotguns, one that can be used as primary and another one that can be used as secondary.

However, players usually go for the UMP45 and the Super Shorty combination. It's not only the most practical but also the deadliest combination. Using the Super Shorty as a secondary gives Castle the ability of opening rotations and new angles, while also having a very strong weapon in short-distance gunfights.

To round out his loadout, Castle has access to a Bulletproof Camera or two Proximity Alarms. Depending on the site you are defending, or the gadgets other operators are bringing, you will have to choose between one or the other.

Castle's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Castle is a flex operator. He is a two-speed, two-health operator, which allows him to move freely around the map. However, his ability and his guns make him a better operator when playing and helping operators while being close to the site.

Despite the UMP45 being known as one of the weakest guns on defense, the 1.5x scope makes it better -- especially in medium and long-distance gun fights. Furthermore, the upcoming 15% damage boost with the Extended Barrel will make it a formidable weapon to face.

But that's not all, Castle gets even better.

How to use Castle's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

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Castle's gadget is the Armor Panel. Castle has four of these, and he can place them on doors and windows.

The Armor Panel is like a barricade, but it looks different and it's stronger. While a normal barricade is destroyed with three hits, the Armor Panel must be hit 11 times. At the same time, Armor Panels can't be partially destroyed like normal barricades: if you melee it only once, you won't be able to look through it.

There's an exception though, as Fuze's gadget will open a small hole that attackers can use to peek from. You must watch out if you hear a Fuze charge being used.

Castle's gadget is usually placed on doors near the site to push the attackers to use explosives, hence wasting their utility. The Armor Panels help defenders to move freely around the site and at the same time take away time from defenders, who have to spend extra time to break them. At the final stretch of the round, those extra seconds can make a huge difference!

Does Castle have a counter?

Yes, many operators can counter Castle.

Castle's barricades can be opened with any explosive. This includes fragmentation grenades, impact grenades, C4s, or hard breaching devices. It also includes Ash's and Zofia's unique gadgets, or Sledge's hammer.

Also, any operator can destroy a Castle barricade by meleeing it 11 times. However, destroying a barricade through this method will lose you a lot of valuable time.

Best Castle skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Castle in Rainbow Six Siege.

Point Blank Justice

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At the Berlin Major in August, Ubisoft released Castle's Elite Bundle. You can now get your hands on it with 1,800 R6 Credits. Remember, by having the Premium Battle Pass you will enjoy a 10% discount!

Castle Draft Bundle

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Before Castle's Elite Bundle, this was the only permanent Castle Bundle in the store. You can unlock it with Renown or with R6 Credits. Your choice!

W7M Gaming 2020

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Before w7m esports' transformation into one of the best teams in LATAM, the Brazilian roster was not known to the international audiences. Now, you can support the bulls by purchasing the first cosmetic they released in the game, the skin for Castle and Pulse's UMP45.

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