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Rainbow Six Siege Oryx operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Oryx.

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Oryx is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who was introduced to the game with the launch of Operation Void Edge.

Oryx is possibly the strongest operator in Rainbow Six Siege. However, don't be fooled by his muscles: Oryx isn't in a good place in Siege's meta. Right now, not many players use him as a roamer, despite his unique skills.

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His strength is the origin of his ability, the Remah Dash. With it, Oryx can create rotations, new angles of sight, and even kill attackers.

Keep reading our Rainbow Six Siege Oryx guide to learn more about him.

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What is Oryx's biography?

Oryx's real name is Saif Al Hadid and he was born in Azraq, Jordan.

Not much is known about Al Hadid's life. He grew up next to an air force base and had a normal childhood "until he disappeared from international records for more than fifteen years," according to his official biography from Ubisoft.

Fifteen years later, Al Hadid appeared in Jordan, but he quickly left after getting a passport. "He learned wrestling in Istanbul, Muay Thai in Bangkok, tactical driving in Berlin, and precision marksmanship in Damascus, likely working for a paramilitary sponsor. Then he disappeared again."

His next step was joining Kaid's Fortress. He went from being a recruit to being Kaid's right hand. "now the unofficial second-in-command, Al Hadid maintains the Fortress during Kaid’s absences and acts as a trusted advisor whenever the two of them are together."

What is the best Oryx loadout?

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Primary: T-5 SMG Submachine Gun / SPAS-12 Shotgun

Secondary: Bailiff 410 Handgun / USP40 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Barbed Wire / x2 Proximity Alarm

When thinking of Oryx, "destruction" should be the first thing that comes to mind. Oryx is a powerful operator, and his ability is all about destruction, as is his loadout.

Oryx's most-used loadout is a combination of the T-5 SMG as the primary and the Bailiff 410 as the secondary. This allows him to have both a gun that can quickly open hatches and new angles and another that is capable of taking short and mid-range gun fights.

Unfortunately for Oryx, the operator lost his 1.5x scope for the T-5 SMG after the arrival of Y8S1.2 patch. He wasn't the only affected operator by this change, as Kapkan also lost his 1.5x scope. We don't think Oryx's 1.5x sight is back any time soon.

Gadget-wise, Oryx has access to Barbed Wire and Proximity Alarms. Both are perfectly fine options. We suggest basing your decision on what your teammates are bringing into the fight.

What is Oryx's playstyle?

Oryx is a roamer in Rainbow Six Siege. With the release of Operation Solar Raid, Oryx's speed was increased, which helps him in his roaming functions.

His ability, the Remah Dash, is a great power to upset attackers, especially when running or jumping out of the building. His loadout is also perfect for roaming tasks, as the T-5 SMG is a strong weapon to take gunfights, while the Bailiff 410 comes in handy to open hatches or create rotations which may help Oryx to escape from the attackers.

Oryx beginner's guide

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Oryx's ability is the Remah Dash. It allows him to sprint for a brief period of time and climb up hatches. It's the perfect ability for a roamer, and it's very useful in maps full of hatches like Consulate, Coastline, or Chalet.

Oryx has three Remah Dash charges. Sprinting to soft walls using the Remah Dash will destroy them, taking five health points from Oryx. With that in mind, it's a good idea to bring a Doc or a Thunderbird alongside Oryx, so he can get some health back.

Oryx's ability must be used with caution, as climbing up hatches exposes him, making you an easy target for attackers.

The Remah Dash can take down attackers if Oryx bumps into them while using it.

If you want to use Oryx properly, you should first open the hatches that you may need to climb up throughout the round. That way you don't have to reveal your position during the round, as destroying a hatch is very noisy.

Oryx is not all about roaming, as his ability can create rotations instantly. If your team doesn't have Impact Grenades or shotguns, using the Remah Dash is always a good idea. C'mon, it's just five health points!

How do I counter Oryx?

Oryx's main counter is Nomad, as her Airjabs can prevent him from running out. Meanwhile, Claymores can have the same effect. Both gadgets are perfect not just to stop Oryx but also to halt any roamer in Rainbow Six Siege.

Jackal and Lion can also counter Oryx, as these two are the main operators for roam-cleaning tasks. Gridlock's gadget can prevent Oryx from using the Remah Dash, while Zofia's Concussion Grenades will stop the ability.

What are the best Oryx skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege.

Oryx Warfare Bundle

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Oryx's Warfare Bundle is the only bundle for Oryx that can be purchased with Renown. It's also the only bundle for Oryx in the game's store.

DarkZero Esports 2020

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You can get the DarkZero Esports 2020 R6 Share skin for the T-5 SMG for only 300 R6 Credits. Keep in mind that you will be able to use it with both Oryx and Lesion.

FAV Gaming 22

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This season's FAV Gaming R6 Share skin is worth 700 R6 Credits as it also includes a special operator card background.

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