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Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird operator guide

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who was introduced to the game with the launch of Operation North Star.

Thunderbird has the ability to heal her teammates, replicating Doc's ability. However, while Doc's ability can only be triggered by Doc shooting at you with his Stim Pistol, Thunderbird heals operators with her Kóna Stations.

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Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird guide to learn more about this defender and her gadget.

What is Thunderbird's biography?

Thunderbird's real name is Mina Sky and she was born in the Nakoda Territories. According to her Ubisoft biography, "her first introduction to engines was at her father’s knee, he taught her to understand helicopters before she learned to fly one."

Mina would later enrol in the Bold Eagle Program, where she excelled in basic military training. There, she took an interest in "preserving and protecting what she loved most, the Nakoda way of life."

After joining the Canadian Armed Forces, Mina realized that she was being taught how to take lives and should also learn how to save them. According to her Ubisoft biography, "she completed her Basic Medical Training (CFHSTC) and continued to serve in the CAF as an Aerial Medic."

What is the best Thunderbird loadout?

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Primary: SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle / SPAS-15 Shotgun

Secondary: Bearing 9 Machine Pistol / Q-929 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Barbed Wire / x1 Bulletproof Camera

Thunderbird's loadout is quite flexible. While the SPEAR .308 is a great gun, especially to fight attackers in mid and long-distance gunfights, the SPAS-15 is an exceptional shotgun for close-distance gunfights. So, your choice should depend on how you want to use Thunderbird.

While Thunderbird used to have impact grenades and a C4, Ubisoft decided to nerf her gadgets. Now, she can be equipped with a set of two Barbed Wires or with a Bulletproof Camera. We recommend you get the Bulletproof Camera, although you should adapt your loadout depending on what your teammates bring as well.

What is Thunderbird's playstyle?

Thunderbird can play as an anchor or as a flex. However, this decision will depend on the site she is defending. It also depends on how the rest of her teammates are playing. She is very versatile, so she can adapt to the round's requirements. Thunderbird can be a support while also having the potential to get into dangerous gunfights.

Thunderbird beginner's guide

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Thunderbird's gadget is the Kóna Station. Thunderbird can deploy three stations that will restore 30 health points to players within a two-meter radius. The station will only be activated if the player has received damage; in the case of the player having all their health points, the station will ignore it.

It's very easy to use Thunderbird's gadget. You just have to place the stations in safe places so that players can easily walk in without being exposed to the enemy. If you do it correctly, roamers who have taken large amounts of damage can restore their health after doing their job against the entry fraggers and roam cleaners.

So, as long as you deploy all three stations, you should be fine. Don't keep any for yourself, otherwise that will be a station lost if the attackers kill you!

How do I counter Thunderbird?

Thunderbird can easily be countered with Twitch, whose special drone can destroy the stations from a safe distance. Flores' drones can also do the job, while Thatcher's EMPs will disable the stations for a brief period of time.

Keep in mind that Kóna Stations can easily be destroyed by shooting at them, as these aren't bulletproof. This means that anyone, even your own teammates, can destroy them.

What are the best Thunderbird skins?

Here are some of the best skins for Thunderbird in Rainbow Six Siege.

Tamer of the White Howl

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With the arrival of Operation Heavy Mettle, Rainbow Six Siege introduced Thunderbird's Elite Bundle. You can get it now!

Thunderbird Ruin Bundle

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Thunderbird's only bundle in the store is the Thunderbird Ruin Bundle. You can unlock it with Renown and R6 Credits.

Cloudburst Bundle

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The Cloudburst Bundle includes weapon skins for all of Thunderbird's guns. It also includes a universal charm. You can acquire it with Renown and R6 Credits.

Bio Shelter

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You can unlock the Bio Shelter skin with Renown or R6 Credits. Keep in mind that SPEAR .308 weapon cosmetics can also be used with Finka.

If you're looking for some extra tips, be sure to check out our Fuze guideKapkan guide, and Glaz guide.

Oxygen Esports 2023

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Oxygen Esports' most recent R6 Share bundle can be used for Finka and Thunderbird's SPEAR .308. It's a great option to make your Thunderbird loadout look cooler. Moreover, you also will have access to Oxygen Esports' special operator card background!

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