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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Flores

Flores is a Rainbow Six Siege character introduced in Operation Crimson Heist.

Banner Image: Ubisoft

Flores is an Argentinian operator in Rainbow Six Siege. His ability consists in driving explosive drones around the map. Sounds cool, right? 

It is cool, but it is also really important for attackers. Although Flores is not the most common operator in Siege, he can be extremely useful if used properly. Let's have a look at all the details you must know about him.

Flores' biography

From a very young age, Lucero had to provide for his mother as her health "slowly declined", according to Ubisoft's biography. This led him to "burglary as an occupation", always stealing from the rich and robbing the powerful criminals to give back to the poor -- Siege's Robin Hood.

He used to carry out his robberies in the Flores district of Buenos Aires, hence his name. Once his identity was revealed, he had no other option but to escape from the country. Eliza "Ash" Cohen offered him asylum in the United States, according to Ubisoft's biography.

Now in Los Angeles, Flores worked in his own food truck for over five years. Later on, Cohen offered him a spot in Team Rainbow. 

Flores' loadout

Primary: AR33 Assault Rifle / SR-25 Marksman Rifle

Secondary: GSH-18 Handgun

Gadget: x3 Stun Grenade / Claymore

Flores' loadout is quite simple if we compare it to other attackers. He just has three weapons to choose from to bring to the battlefield. While his gadgets are far from being obsolete, these can be brought by many other attackers. Nothing special.

That's why the loadout seen in Flores' players is usually the same: AR33 as his primary weapon, GSH-18 as his secondary. Gadget-wise, that's another story. Bringing the Claymore is probably a smart move, as you might want some protection while driving his little explosive drones. 

Flores' role in Rainbow Six Siege

Flores' role in Rainbow Six Siege is clear: support and utility clearance. His explosive drones can be used to destroy defender utility, including bulletproof material. Also, counting his two standard drones, Flores has up to six drones. This makes him a very useful support who can give plenty of information to his teammates. 

How to use Flores' gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Flores' gadget is called the RCE-Ratero Charge. These drones can be used for ten seconds and explode once he triggers them. As we previously said, Flores has four RCE-Ratero drones.

This kind of drone is extremely useful as it gives information to the team while it gets rid of defender utility. It is killing two birds with one stone. With it, you can destroy those annoying Maestro Evil Eyes, deployable shields, bulletproof cameras, Bandit batteries... literally anything. 

Flores can also use his special drones to breach soft surfaces, such as non-reinforced walls or non-reinforced hatches. 

However, you must be careful when using these drones. Defenders can easily destroy them as these aren't bulletproof until they are triggered. 

Best counters to Flores

Bullets are Flores' most useful counter. As we just mentioned, Flores' drones can be destroyed with bullets. However, once they are triggered, these turn out to be bulletproof and no matter what defenders do, the drone will explode. 

If you want to prevent Flores' drones from entering the site, Mute is your best ally. His device will block any drone from getting near any utility until someone destroys the jammer.

Best Flores skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of Flores' skins in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Flores Esports Set

Flores has his very own regional esports bundle, which can be acquired for 960 R6 Credits. If you want to represent the LATAM regional leagues, this is your bundle!

Mirage 2021

The North American League team Mirage launched this skin for the AR33, one of the best skins for this weapon. It can be purchased for just 300 R6 Credits.

Safecracker Bundle

This bundle includes weapon skins for every gun in Flores loadout, plus the Homestyle Meal charm. It is really accessible, as it just costs 540 R6 Credits (or 22,500 Renown). 

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