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Rainbow Six Siege new operator: Ram

It's time to welcome Ram to Rainbow Six Siege!

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Ram is Rainbow Six Siege’s new operator. She’s the third South Korean character released to the game after the arrival of Vigil and Dokkaebi in Operation White Noise.

Ram is an attacker and will be Rainbow Six Siege’s 69th operator. Despite coming late to the party, we promise you Ram will not be ignored.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ram, who’s about to steal the show in Rainbow Six Siege!

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Ram’s loadout

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Primary: R4C Assault Riffle or LMG-E Light Machine Gun

Secondary: ITA 12S Shotgun or MK1 9mm

Gadgets: x3 Stun Grenades or x2 Hard Breaching Charges

Ram’s loadout includes Ash’s R4C Assault Riffle and Zofia’s LMG-E Light Machine Gun as her primary weapon options and Jackal’s ITA 12S Shotgun and Iana’s MK1 9mm Handgun.

Weapon-wise, Ram’s loadout is cracked. Her two primary options would be perfect for an entry-fragger operator. Meanwhile, her secondary guns, especially the shotgun, make her perfect for vertical plays. To top it off, her gadgets make her even more versatile.

Without a doubt, we are in front of one of the most complete loadouts in the game. While her being a one-speed operator makes it complicated to play Ram as an entry, the loadout itself allows the South Korean operator to play almost any role in the game.

If that wasn’t enough, Ram’s R4C includes a 1.5x and a 2.0x magnifying scopes, which is the closest the community has been to an R4C ACOG since Mar. 2019.

Ram’s gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

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Ram’s gadget is the Bu-Gi Auto Breacher, an attacking drone that can run over every device in Rainbow Six Siege. When used on a soft floor, the drone will destroy the wood just like Sledge or Buck’s gadgets would.

The Bu-Gi’s main purpose is to create vertical plays and to destroy defensive gadgets. Ram’s drones are bulletproof and can’t be stopped unless the defenders throw an explosive gadget or shoot the red charge found in the back of the device.

Unfortunately, unlike other drones like Flores or Twitch’s gadgets, Ram can’t control her device as she can only set the direction the drone is going to take before activating it. This means that the Bu-Gis can’t be used to gather information.

Ram can throw her Bu-Gis to a window just like any attacker can throw a drone, but due to the Bu-Gis' size, she must be close to the frame to get the device inside the building.

With a total of three Bu-Gis, Ram’s gadget offers an alternative to Sledge and Buck. While we expect Sledge to keep his place in the meta thanks to his two fragmentation grenades, it will be interesting to see what Ram has to offer.

Here are some curiosities about Ram’s Bu-Gi:

  • Ram’s Bu-Gis can’t be hacked by Mozzie’s gadget.
  • Ram’s Bu-Gis can’t fit in a drone hole, so the South Korean can’t use them.

Ram’s role in Rainbow Six Siege

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We expect the community to play Ram as a support and a soft breacher. To take the best out of her Bu-Gis, Ram must use her gadget wisely. It’s perfect to destroy Castle barricades as well as Deployable Shields, to not mention how quick it could take for her to destroy some of Rainbow Six Siege’s floors.

Her loadout also makes her different from any support as her primary weapons are extremely aggressive. We think that many entry fraggers could feel very comfortable despite her being a one-speed operator.

In Ranked, we expect Ram to be used a lot on maps like Kafe, Coastline, Clubhouse, and even Villa or Consulate.

Is Siege’s new operator Ram good?

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Undoubtedly, Ram is here to stay. Her loadout combined with her gadget will potentially make Ram one of the best operators in the game. So, yes, Ram is a good operator.

Her gadget brings a new concept to Rainbow Six Siege, as she can destroy big surfaces while being able to use her primary weapon. This is not possible for either Buck or Sledge, who must constantly use their gadgets to open the walls, floors, or ceilings.

As each operator will have its own strengths and weaknesses, we expect the community to adapt as time goes by. However, due to Ram having access to magnifying scopes for her R4C, we think the community will go crazy for her!

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