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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Zero

Sam Fisher joined Team Rainbow under the codename of Zero.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Sam Fisher is here! Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell character also appears in Rainbow Six Siege under the codename "Zero," a popular video game character who hasn't lived up to his potential. 

Zero is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker that was first launched in the game with the release of Operation Shadow Legacy. Despite Zero not being played that much in the game, he can be a very useful operator in the right hands. Let's have a look at his gadget and more.

Zero's biography

Although his childhood was classified by the CIA and the Third Echelon, we know that Sam was born in the Baltimore suburb of Towson, Maryland. He was raised by his paternal grandmother. 

Sam was enrolled in a Military Boarding School where "he learned to focus his energy, hone his skills, and to either follow orders or be sure to hide the evidence," according to Ubisoft's biography. 

He then enrolled in the United States Naval Academy where "he majored in Political Science." Later on, he pursued SEALs Training. According to Ubisoft's biography, Zero became known for his ability to complete missions "regardless of personal cost" while serving in the Persian Gulf, Bolivia, Columbia, Senegal, and Kosovo.

Sam was rewarded with the Defense Distinguished Service Medal. Later on, he spent some time as an instructor at Little Creek Naval Base, Virginia. Then, he was recruited to the CIA. 

Zero's loadout

Primary: SC3000K Assault Rifle / MP7 Submachine Gun 

Secondary: 5.7 USG Handgun / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadget: x2 Hard Breaching Charges / Claymore 

Zero's loadout is pretty extensive, and that's why he can fit in some attacking line-ups. He has strong options to bring as a primary weapon, and he also has the GONNE-6 to help teammates at clearing utility.

Zero can also bring two hard breaching charges, which makes him very useful at attacking some sites such as Bank's basement, where he is usually seen breaching the hatches. 

Zero's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Zero is a support and intel gatherer. Zero has two standard drones and can deploy up to four small cameras that can shoot up to one taser each. All of that makes him the perfect operator to stay in cameras and deliver information and callouts to his teammates. 

As we previously mentioned, Zero having the hard breaching charges can make him even a hard breacher sometimes. Also, with the tasers of his cameras, he can destroy defender utility and trigger defender gadgets such as Mira's Black Windows. 

How to use Zero's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Zero's gadget is very versatile. It is called ARGUS Launcher, and as we previously mentioned, it can launch up to four cameras. Zero's cameras can be deployed on any surface and can shoot up to one taser each. You want to use his cameras to get as much information as possible, shooting them at spots such as corners or in places that defenders won't check. 

Tasers can be used for many things. Zero's cameras can be used to destroy Jäger's ADS's, to pop Mira's windows, or even destroy Bandit's batteries. Overall, we are talking of a versatile gadget that will give many different options to any attacking roster. 

Best counters to Zero

Zero's cameras aren't bulletproof, so the best counter to this gadget is bullets. Zero's cameras are also very loud when deployed and defenders can easily spot them if the cameras land near the opponent. The cameras are also a bit shiny so defenders' can detect them. 

Mute's gadget will also jam Zero's cameras, being this the only gadget in the game that can counter Zero's cameras. 

Best Zero skins in Rainbow Six Siege

These are some of Zero's best skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Zero Third Echelon

Zero's Elite Bundle is the Third Echelon Elite Skin. It is inspired by the Splinter Cell Trilogy. You can acquire it for 2,100 R6 Credits. If you own the Premium Battle Pass, you will enjoy a 10% discount! 

SSG Full Kit '21

Heroic 2021

Zero has his very own esports bundle themed around Spacestation Gaming! You can purchase it for 1680 R6 Credits.

If you are not a fan of the SC3000K and you prefer the MP7, this Heroic skin might be the solution. For just 300 R6 Credits you will be able to represent the European League roster.

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