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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Sens

Sens is the newest operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Sens is coming to the game with Operation Vector Glare! Here's everything you need to know about the new operator, coming on June 7.

Sens' biography

Sens real name is Ngoma. They were really interested in psychology and psychics from an early age, studies that were complemented with music training. Ngoma also learned the basics of mechanics in their dad's garage. 

Sens became combat engineer thanks to their skills. According to Ubisoft's biography, "their specialization in strategies and technologies to divert enemies' attention and break down hostile defenses, which had the reputation of minimizing casualties on all sides without compromising objectives, earned Ngoma several service medals."

Eventually, Sens would join the Belgian Special Forces Group.

Sens' loadout

Primary: POF-9 Assault Rifle / 417 Marksman Rifle

Secondary: SDP 9mm Handgun / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadget: x2 Hard Breach Charge / x2 Claymore

Sens' loadout brings a new gun to Rainbow Six Siege, the POF-9. It is an assault rifle that contains 51 bullets per magazine but also has a difficult recoil to manage. We highly encourage you to try out the shooting range to get better with Sens' recoil! 

They also have the 417 Marksman Rifle, which is also in Twitch's and Lion's loadouts. If you like x3.0 scopes, this might be your preferred option.

Sens has also access to the GONNE-6, a very important weapon in today's meta. Keep in mind that it is used to get rid of defender gadgets — not to kill opponents. 

Meanwhile, Sens' gadgets include hard breach charges and claymores. Your call, as these two gadgets can be very useful depending on the site the team will attack. Our advice is that you should pay attention to the drone phase, and decide what gadget will be more useful. 

Sens' role in Rainbow Six Siege

Sens' is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who plays as a support. They can be used to give extra cover to their teammates using their R.O.U. Projector System, which frees some kind of non-bulletproof green smokescreen. Sens' loadout is also a good one to get into close-range gunfights, although it is not their main function.

How to use Sens' gadget

Sens' gadget can be used to give extra cover to the rest of the attackers. It puts the team in a very good place to plant behind the screen. Remember though, we are talking of a non-bulletproof gadget. Players can throw utility and can shoot players behind it!

It is perfect to plant behind the green wall while deployed and could be also combined with Osa's shields. 

How to counter Sens' gadget

Sens' gadget can be countered by shooting the wheel once the operator throws it to the floor. We understand that can be a bit difficult, so you can also use an ADS or a Wamai disk. Another counter for it is Warden, whose glasses can see through the green smoke. 

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