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Rainbow Six Siege operator guide: Nøkk

Nøkk is one of the most meta operators in Rainbow Six Siege right now.

Banner image: Ubisoft

Nøkk is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker introduced to the game on May 2019 with the release of Operation Phantom Sight. 

Nøkk's gadget is the HEL Presence Reduction, an ability that allows her to go invisible to cameras. Sounds unstoppable right? Well, although Nøkk's position in the current meta is strong, there are ways to stop her. Keep on reading to know more about the Danish operator.

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Nøkk's biography

According to Ubisoft's biography, "for reasons of National Security and currently active missions, Nøkk’s records are sealed at NATO Confidential security clearance, but her files have been released to Six."

Nøkk first joined the Army NCO School in Sønderborg, and she, later on, enrolled at the Royal Danish Military Academy. She would earn her Jægerkorpset maroon beret "with skills in covert ops, combat search and rescue, direct action, special recon, arctic warfare, and advanced breaching."

She served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and multiple other locations. She was responsible for undercover Erick "Maverick" Thorn's location, "forwarding that intel to the Unit."

According to Ubisoft's biography, "Nøkk keeps her identity hidden from all but her fellow operators. NATO’s O&P division recommended Nøkk for Rainbow as one of its deep cover specialists."

Nøkk's loadout

Primary: FMG-9 Submachine Gun / SIX12 SD Shotgun

Secondary: 5.7 USG Handgun / D-50 Handgun

Gadgets: 2 x Fragmentation Grenades / 2 x Hard Breach Charge / 2 x EMP Grenade

Undoubtedly, Nøkk (or, Nokk) is now one of the best-attacking operators in Rainbow Six Siege. She has access to the FMG-9 Submachine Gun, a weapon known for its high fire rate, which can also be equipped with a 1.5x scope.

On top of that, she can bring two fragmentation grenades to the battlefield, which has made her even more important in Siege's meta after Iana and Finka lost theirs.

While her fragmentation grenades are very important, she can also work around her Hard Breaching Charges and her EMPs. In some maps, those gadgets may ve even more important than fragmentation grenades!

Nøkk's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Nøkk is an entry fragger. Her guns, her utility, and her two-speed, two-health traits make her a strong, easy-to-use fragger. Combined with her unique ability, Nøkk can cause chaos within defenders on more than one occasion. Facing a practiced Nøkk player can be a nightmare in maps like Bank or Chalet.

How to use Nøkk's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Nøkk's gadget is the HEL Presence Reduction. When activated, Nøkk can't be detected by cameras. Nøkk's ability makes her invisible to devices which means she can be perfect on some maps, especially Bank and Chalet.

You can use Nøkk's gadget to sneak into any site. It puts you in a better position than any other entry fragger, as defenders can't spot you using their cameras -- which include Valkyrie's Black Eyes, Echo Drones, drones hacked by Mozzie, bulletproof cameras, and standard cameras.

The HEL Presence Reduction must be used to surprise the defenders. Use it while walking around a map, as the gadget will help you to go unnoticed by the enemy team.

Recently, Ubisoft decided to nerf Nøkk's gadget. Starting with Y8S2.2's patch updates, the Danish operator's gadget doesn't hide the sound of the attacker's steps. This means that she can't surprise the defenders anymore, who weren't able to hear the operator.

Keep in mind that the gadget's effect is lowered when Nøkk is running. You must know when is the right time to run and when's the time to sneak into the defender's line!

Best counters to Nøkk

Ironically, Nøkk's best counter is Barbed Wire. While crossing Barbed Wire, cameras will see Nøkk's shape.

Echo and Mozzie's drones can detect light interferences when the HEL Presence Reduction is activated.

Lesion's mines will also produce interferences to cameras, revealing Nøkk's shape momentarily. Other traps may be very useful to stop her, including Ela's mines or Kapkan's traps.

On top of that, running is also a counter, as Nøkk's blurred shape is revealed to cameras if she sprints in front of them.

Best Nøkk skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of the best skins for Nøkk in Rainbow Six Siege:

Nøkk Norsewoman Bundle

Nøkk's only bundle in Rainbow Six Siege is the Nøkk Norsewoman Bundle. You can purchase it with Renown or R6 Credits.

Windborn Majesty

Winborn Majesty is one of the best gun skins for Nøkk, and it's available for her D-50 -- which can also be used for Azami, Blackbeard, and Valkyrie. You can buy it with Renown or R6 Credits!

Nøkk's Mop Head

Mop Head is a cosmetic that can only be obtained via Bravo Packs or Alpha Packs. However, look at that beauty. We wish you luck!

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