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Rainbow Six Siege Maestro operator guide

Maestro's Evil Eyes are always a problem.

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Maestro is a Rainbow Six Siege defender who was introduced with the launch of Operation Para Bellum. The Italian has access to three bulletproof cameras called Evil Eyes. Maestro can shoot tasers with them, which can be used to destroy attacking tools like drones, hard breaching charges, and many more.

Sounds cool, right? Keep on reading our Rainbow Six Siege Maestro guide to learn more about the Italian operator.

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What is Maestro's biography?

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Maestro's real name is Adriano Martello and he was born in Rome, Italy. He was the oldest of a family of eight children. At 18, he attended the Military Academy of Modena. Later on, he would join the Carabinieri, then earn a spot as an Explorer Paratrooper in the 1st Paratrooper Regiment.

According to his Ubisoft biography, "after several distinguished tours where he earned Silver and Bronze Medals of Military Valor, Martello qualified for Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (Special Intervention Group or G.I.S.) and participated in joint operations in Iraq, earning a facial scar from a roadside IED."

Although he became an instructor for Tier 3 and Tier 2 units in the Italian Military, the Tuscania convinced him to rejoin, which enabled Maestro to join Rainbow.

What is the best Maestro loadout?

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Primary: ALDA 5.56 Light Machine Gun / ACS12 Shotgun

Secondary: KERATOS .357 Handgun / Bailiff 410 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Barbed Wire / x2 Impact Grenades / x3 Observation Blockers

For many seasons, Maestro's ALDA 5.56 could also be equipped with an x2.5 scope. However, this option was eventually removed, as his LMG was incredibly overpowered.

Now, many Maestro players still bring it into battle, but the weapon's position on the meta is quite different. Maestro's loadout often consists of the ALDA 5.56, the Bailiff 410, and his two Impact Grenades. His LMG is strong in gunfights, while the Bailiff allows him to create rotations and new angles of sight.

What is Maestro's playstyle in Rainbow Six Siege?

Maestro is an anchor and an intel-gatherer. Due to his gadget and his one-speed traits, he is expected to stay on the Bombsite for the entirety of the round.

Maestro's main function is to use his Evil Eyes, destroying attacking utility and providing teammates with information.

Maestro beginner's guide

Maestro gadget is the Evil Eye. It's a bulletproof camera that can shoot lasers. Maestro's gadget is perfect for destroying attacking gadgets like drones and hard-breaching charges. It can also inflict damage on any incoming attackers.

Attackers can destroy these Evil Eyes with explosives or by shooting at them when Maestro opens the bulletproof layer of the camera. Sledge is an exception, as he can quickly destroy it by using his hammer.

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Considering all of that, the placement of the camera is very important. We advise you to put them in high positions or over-hatches. If once deployed you open the hatch, the attackers won't be able to melee the camera.

You can combine the Evil Eye with Wamai's disks or Jäger's ADSs, forcing the attackers to "burn" utility to destroy Maestro's camera.

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You can also place Maestro's cameras on the floor. A very good example is Consulate's Garage or Coastline's Billard Room, where you can place the Evil Eye on the floor and still get a great cover. These can come in clutch at the end of the round if you're lucky.

Starting with Operation Deep Freeze, Maestro's number of Evil Eyes was increased from two to three. Since then, the Italian operator's place in the meta has gotten stronger. However, he's far from being one of the most-played operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

How do I counter Maestro?

Unfortunately for the Italian operator, he has a lot of counters.

Maestro's gadget can easily be countered with explosives. This means that operators like Ash or Zofia, who have explosive projectiles, are a threat to Maestro's Evil Eyes.

Operators like Nokk, Iana, or Sledge, who have Fragmentation Grenades, are also a good counter to Maestro.

Kali's gadget can also destroy Maestro's cameras, which aren't resistant enough to survive the impact.

Sledge can destroy Maestro's cameras with his hammer. However, to do that, Sledge must get close enough to the camera, which may expose him. Maverick's blowtorch can also destroy Maestro's cameras.

Thatcher's EMPs will disable the Evil Eyes, while Flores' drones can destroy them outright. Twitch's drone can destroy Maestro's cameras if the first layer is open.

Last but not least, Brava's Kludge Drones can hack Maestro's cameras, just like Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb. When that happens, Brava has full access to the Evil Eye, including the ability to shoot tasers. It can be used to destroy other defensive gadgets.

Best Maestro skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of the best Maestro skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Maestro Nearshore Bundle

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Maestro's Nearshore Bundle is the only bundle available for him in the game's store. You can purchase it with Renown or R6 Credits.

Roman Scrapper

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The Roman Scrapper can be purchased with Renown or R6 Credits. You can also use this skin with Alibi, Oryx, and Doc.

Roman Underdog

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Finally, you can get the Roman Underdog skin for the KERATOS .357. Like the previous two, you can get it with Renown or R6 Credits.

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