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Maestro to have three Evil Eyes in Operation Deep Freeze

Maestro will be buffed in Operation Deep Freeze!

Operation Deep Freeze is around the corner, and so is the upcoming season of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. While the removal of "cooking" grenades and Mira's nerf have been the main talking points in terms of operator changes, Maestro's buff has gone a bit unnoticed. But not to us!

Here's everything you need to know about Maestro, whose ability will be tweaked in Operation Deep Freeze.

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Maestro to have three Evil Eyes in Operation Deep Freeze

Maestro is set to be buffed in Operation Deep Freeze as his number of Evil Eyes has been increased from two to three. Yes, you're not hallucinating!

In Operation North Star, Maestro's Evil Eyes were nerfed as Ubisoft implemented the feature of cracking the cameras' glass with a melee hit. Now, two and a half years later, the Italian operator is getting some love.

Maestro is a one-speed, three-health operator. Due to his lack of agility, the Italian operator can only be used as an anchor. With this change, Ubisoft wants him to focus on the usage of his Evil Eyes, which can be used to burn attacking utility and inflict damage to the enemies from a safe distance.

Is Maestro a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Although his one-speed trait makes him a limited operator, Maestro is a strong defender who can be used as the perfect anchor.

First of all, his loadout includes the Bailiff 410, a handgun that gives the Italian operator the ability to easily create rotations on the site without relying on his impact grenades.

At the same time, Maestro has access to the ALDA 5.56, a monstrous LMG with 80-bullet magazines. Back when he was added to the game, Maestro had access to magnifying scopes. However, for obvious reasons, he lost them as time went by.

In conclusion, we believe that Maestro is one of the best options players have to compete as anchors. Maestro's ability to gather information is priceless for any team, while his LMG makes him a very aggressive operator especially when the attackers start pushing into the site.

What are the best Evil Eye spots in Rainbow Six Siege?

Do you want to start playing Maestro, but you don't know how to use his ability? Here are some of the best spots for Maestro's Evil Eyes in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege!

Make sure to place your Maestro Evil Eyes on high spots, so attackers have it harder when trying to melee the device.

Another good idea is to place them on walls that have hatches underneath. The attackers won't be able to reach it if the hatch is open and they will be forced to waste an explosive.

Don't be afraid to place Maestro's Evil Eyes on the Bombsite! If you combine them with Jäger or Wamai's devices, the attackers will be forced to waste a lot of utility to destroy the Italian's gadget.

For more information about the Italian operator, check out our Maestro operator guide!

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