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Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze: Tubarão is Siege's new operator, new map Lair, grenades rework, skins trade center, and more!

Operation Deep Freeze is around the corner!

Operation Deep Freeze is coming to Rainbow Six Siege as the Test Server is opening tomorrow, November 13.

Here's everything you need to know about the features coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Deep Freeze!

Tubarão is Rainbow Six Siege's new operator

Tubarão is arriving at Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Deep Freeze. The Portuguese operator will be the game's 35th defender.

Tubarão is a two-speed, two-health operator with a unique device called Zoto Canister, a throwable gadget that can freeze surfaces for 12 seconds. When the canister is deployed, the area affected is frozen, alongside the gadgets nearby.

The Zoto Canister will be Bandit's best ally, as the gadget stops hard breaching charges from exploding. After 12 seconds, if the device hasn't been burnt by the Bandit or the Kaid, the charge will explode as usual.

The Portuguese operator will be able to use his Zoto Canisters to perform late flanks, as the gadget can temporarily disable other devices like Nomad's AirJabs or Claymores.

Check out our Tubarão operator guide for more information about Rainbow Six Siege's newest character!

Lair is Rainbow Six Siege's new map

Welcome Lair to Rainbow Six Siege map! This is probably one of the biggest maps in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, so you will probably struggle at the beginning.

The exterior of the map is surely the most complex in the game. It's very difficult to spawn peek unless the defenders don't run out.

Lair is full of soft walls and floors, which makes it perfect for vertical plays. However, players won't be able to play vertically as in Operation Heavy Mettle, as fragmentation grenades are going through an important rework.

Fragmentation Grenades Rework

Say bye-bye to fragmentation grenades' "cooking" feature! Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season will include a massive nerf for this gadget, as attackers won't be able to prepare the grenades before throwing them.

With this change, Ubisoft expects players to navigate across the operator's options and not always stick with the grenades. Moreover, the change prevents attackers from using grenades to get vertical kills.

At the same time, Ubisoft expects fragmentation grenades to not increase the pick rate of their owners. As they won't be as important now, Ubisoft is giving them to more operators, including IQ, Lion, Sens, Blackbeard, and Osa.

For a better look at the changes, here's more about Rainbow Six Siege's fragmentation grenades getting nerfed!

Mira windows to be cracked with explosives

Operation Deep Freeze is introducing a crucial change for Mira's Black Mirror. Starting from the upcoming season, attackers will be able to crack Mira's windows with explosives.

With this change, we expect operators like Ash or Zofia to become even more important in some lineups. At the same time, defenders can use this nerf to their advantage, as now they can use the windows to force the attackers to waste explosives.

Check out our article for more information about Mira's nerf!

Third Evil Eye added to Maestro's loadout

Ubisoft is adding a third Evil Eye in Maestro's loadout in Operation Deep Freeze. The Italian operator will be stronger, as he will be able to gather more information while destroying attacking gadgets.

Furthermore, an extra Evil Eye means more explosives to be wasted. Here's everything you need to know about Maestro's buff!

Terrorist Hunt removed, AI Playlist arrives at Siege

Ubisoft also announced the arrival of an AI Playlist, which will take place on Clubhouse. There, players will be able to compete against real operators. However, this new game mode will only include six operators.

While this seems to be good news, the arrival of the AI Playlist is also the departure of the famous Terrorist Hunt.

Market Place

In Operation Deep Freeze, Ubisoft is adding a system to trade skins for R6 Credits called Market Place. There, players will be able to trade cosmetics.

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege's Market Place!

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