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Ubisoft adds Market Place to Rainbow Six Siege, players able to sell skins

Market Place is one of Rainbow Six Siege's new features included in Operation Deep Freeze!

Ever wanted to sell your Rainbow Six Siege skins? Well, with the arrival of Operation Deep Freeze, that's going to be possible!

In today's Operation Deep Freeze announcement, Ubisoft has announced the creation of a Market Place. There, players will be able to sell skins and trade them for R6 Credits.

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Rainbow Six Siege Market Place - How does it work?

At the moment, Ubisoft hasn't shared much about Rainbow Six Siege's Market Place.

In Operation Deep Freeze, Ubisoft will launch a beta version of Market Place. The full version will go live in Year 9.

There, players will be able to trade their skins for R6 Credits. If you ever wanted a Glacier skin but you never had the chance to purchase it, this is your best shot at it!

How to join Rainbow Six Siege's Market Place?

To join Rainbow Six Siege's Market Place, you must scan the code above or just type the picture's link on your search bar.

Rainbow Six Siege has been live for almost eight years now, which means the game has thousands of skins. The Market Place is just a first step towards trading in Rainbow Six Siege. Isn't that cool?

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